Filling holes, polishing and sealing travertine in Newport Beach CA


PACIFIC CARPET & TILE CLEANING  (949) 545-5205 knows that travertine natural stone in the Newport Beach Areais a type of tile that is greatly related to limestone.Travertine forms over thousands of years and contains patterns and colors that are a lovely addition to any home. Travertine tiles are utilized both in the floors of many homes as well as on countertops. This beautiful material works well in almost any room of the house due to the beautiful texture that is indicative of the stone coupled with the sheen that appears on nicely polished travertine tiles.


If you have purchased a home that already had travertine tile installed or if you did not receive care and maintenance tips when your tile was installed, polishing the travertinetile can seem like a task fraught with danger. No one wants to damage such an important show piece in the home, but travertine that has lost its polished luster definitely needs maintenance.

To begin Pacific will make sure your travertine tile is clean before the maintenance or restoration of your travertine begins.

After cleaning we inspect the travertine to find holes.  Travertine has holes that are filled with sanded grout after installation, or were filled with epoxy and honed.

If the travertine holes were filled with sanded grout, and there are holes starting to appear, then they need to be filled with sanded grout to keep the color and style match.  The travertine and grout must be cleaned and allow the grout to dry to get the best color match.  If the holes were filled with epoxy, the travertine still needs to be cleaned first to get the best color match of the epoxy.

Once you meet with Pacific your search is over for… Travertine stone honing, polishing and sealing, Epoxy filling and honing holes in Natural stone, Slate cleaning and sealing is our specialty! Give us a call

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