How to clean tile floors – Newport Beach


How to clean tile floors – Newport Beach

Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning of Newport Beach knows that just because you are doing a cleaning chore yourself does not mean you should sacrifice your health or the cleanliness of your home. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our favorite green cleaning tips and tricks so that our do-it-yourself customers and fans can still reap the benefits of green cleaning in between visits from Pacific. Keep reading to learn how to clean tile floors the green way, which we think is the best way!

When cleaning tile floors you must first clear the surface of debris and dirt. Sweep the area to be cleaned and move all surface dirt into a pile and remove. Next vacuum along the baseboards to remove any dust or loose dirt build up. Finally move the surface cleaner of your vacuum to the lowest setting and vacuum the tile.

Once you have cleared the floor of surface dirt you’re ready to begin. Mix equal parts water and vinegar in a bucket—make sure the water is very hot! Fill another bucket with water to rinse the floor. Next wring out your mop as much as possible. Mop the floor from side to side and then up and down to get between the grout. If you are cleaning a large surface area you may need to make a fresh batch of vinegar and water half way through the cleaning. Finally, rinse the floor with clean water and make sure to wring out the mop as much as possible.

Allow the tile and grout ample time to dry before walking over your newly cleaned surface.

How to clean grout – Newport Beach

Grout is the sealant that is applied in between your tiles to give strength to your flooring. Unfortunately grout is also a material that can easily attract dirt, mold and mildew. Dirt can become embedded in your grout and mold and mildew are attracted to the deep grooves, making this part of your floor difficult to clean. Pacific compiled a few of our favorite natural “recipes” to explain the best way to clean grout in your home.

When cleaning grout the natural method is not only effective but it’s also cost conscious. Mix together a half cup of hydrogen peroxide for every cup of water in a spray bottle. Spray the cleaning mixture on the affected areas, clean and then rinse with water. After rinsing make sure to towel the floor dry. You can also substitute vinegar for the hydrogen peroxide and get the same clean effect.

Use a stiff brush to clean your grout in areas where tougher buildup has occurred. (An old toothbrush will be too soft to handle this job, however, a new one should work). Do not use a wire bristled brush because you could end up scrubbing away your grout.

Also, do not use bleach when cleaning grout because it can potentially stain grout and cause it to turn yellow.

Of course the best way to take care of your grout is to hire Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning. Visit the Contact Us page to find your local cleaning office!



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