Tile and Grout Cleaning – Newport Beach CA


Tile and Grout Cleaning – in the city of Newport Beach CA

Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning in Newport prides itself for being an authority at cleaning ceramic floors with unparalleled technical expertise that restores the natural gleam of tiles in no time.

Pacific can Save you Hours of Scrubbing!You often tend to defer floor cleaning owing to the boring nature of the job that seems to eat away your time and energy with discouraging results. The superlative professional cleaning offered by Pacific can come to your rescue. Using our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and cutting edge solutions, we can offer you incredible results.

Scrubbing each individual tile and scratching the grout lines for endless hours will never yield the desired results. It will only serve to intensify your frustration and knee pain.

Toxic mold continues to pose the greatest threat to tile surfaces. Humidity will inevitably lead to moisture buildup on tiles and this combines with heat to eventually foster mold growth. Unclean surfaces are conducive to festering and mildewing which helps in mold development. Consequently, the life of ceramic floor is reduced drastically and you get a hole burnt in your pocket prematurely.

Manufacturer’s recommendationTie and grout manufacturers place special emphasis on cleaning and sealing of ceramic tile surfaces every two years for prolonging the effective life.

Pacific can extend professional help for cleaning

  • Ceramic Tiles on Bathroom Floors and Walls
  • Kitchen Floor
  • Marble Cleaning & Honing
  • Travertine & Limestone Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

  • We initiate cleaning by thoroughly sweeping the floor to scrub off loose and fugitive dirt from the surface
  • A commercial grade cleaning solution is then applied, which tends to seep in the crevices of grout lines and loosen the hold of trapped and embedded dirt.
  • The surface is then scrubbed with specially designed equipment to eliminate obstinate stains and disfiguring spots.
  • Once the surface has been thoroughly cleaned, a proven formulation of grout sealant is applied to comprehensively protect the grout from all future dirt and spills.

Place your trust on the exceptional technical expertise and loads of experience of Pacific’s Best technicians to bring about sparkling cleanliness and protection from mold.

We have tons of satisfied clients who would readily endorse the efficiency of our professional cleaning services in the Coastal Orange County. We promise a brighter floor and unmatched experience for you at competitive rates and great customer care.

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