Travertine Cleaning & Polishing Services, Newport Beach

Travertine can be paste polished to achieve a high luster. If the customer so desires, a matte finish can also be preserved. Final step: apply penetrating sealer.

Travertine over time will develop holes. These holes can be filled with a color matching epoxy filler.

Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning can maintain any type of travertine tile. Travertine comes in various grades with the highest grade having the least amount of filler material in the tile itself. The more filler material in the travertine the more problems and holes will develop over time. That being the case, to stay on top of your travertine floor, your really you should have your travertine paste polished every 2 years, and sealed. Otherwise you will develop a lot of holes to be filled and the grout can become permanently stained. If this occurs, then you have to consider diamond grinding to get the wear and etching off the surface of the floor. Then you will still have to paste polish after you diamond grind the floor. As you can see, if you stay on top of your floor, you can probably stay away from the expense of having to ever diamond grind the floor. Sealer by the way, will only protect you against organic stains such as oil, water dirt, etc  There is no penetrating sealers on the market that will protect you against acid stains: Liquor, sodas, acid based protects, urine etc. All of those products will burn the floor in a matter seconds and will have to be diamond ground out to remove them.  So that being the case, if you spill you a coke or another acid based product on the floor or counter, you should wipe it up immediately.

Sealers in general only have about a 2 year life span. If your grout becomes extremely soiled I can steam clean your grout at 220 degrees at 2500 P.S.I.


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