Travertine diamond Floor polishing in Newport Beach


This is how natural stone is to be maintained in Newport Beach, CA – Diamond polishing is the natural way of keeping your stone  in healthy shape.  There are some companies that crystalize or mop on some grocery store wax.  Both of these two methods will in time dry out the stone and make it brittle and past the point of no return.

Crystallization or Natural Polish: Which Is Better?

The natural stone, marble, limestone, or granite that you chose for your home or project is a wise investment and can be enjoyed for many years to come. Natural stone also increases the market value of the project that it is installed into. Your investment may be in the form of a new installation or the restoration of stone already installed. The best feature of natural stone is the incomparable beauty, and close behind is its durability and low maintenance when taken care of properly. Beautiful and long-lasting as natural stone is, however, after time it does tend to lose its coloring and dull over time, especially marble and limestone. It may also lose its luster due to getting scratched, chipped, or stained. Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your natural stone as beautiful as possible. The key to this much needed but wide-interval maintenance schedule is to select the correct maintenance process.
Two major natural stone refurbishing processes exist to maintain your natural stone in Newport Beach. One is a natural procedure that incorporates the use of a series of steps that use very fine diamond abrasives. The other procedure is called crystallization and is also known as re-crystallization or vitrification. This maintenance process uses a chemical reaction to refinish your natural stone. To ensure that you get the best finish for your hard-earned money, and at the same time making the ecological choice, the natural polish procedure is much better when compared to the chemical crystallization procedure.

You must examine the physical make-up of the stone that you are refurbishing, first, to fully understand the drawbacks of the chemical crystallization process and secondly, to understand the harm it can cause to your stone. There are two major categories of natural decorative stone. These two categories are calcite-based stones, such as marble, limestone, and terrazzo and quartzite-based stones, such as granite. Chemical crystallization is advertised as an inexpensive way to maintain the lasting shine to your calcite-based stones. Not disclosed in this advertisement is the destructive effect that the chemicals will have on the stone itself.The chemical crystallization process uses dissolving chemicals to transforming a thin layer of calcite on the surface of your stone to create calcium fluoride. The chemicals used are a solution of fluorosilicate compounds and waxes that are buffed into the stone so that the acid in the chemicals will break down the calcite. In other words, a chemical reaction will take place that combines with the wax and produces the shining surface of the stone. This dissolving process changes the actual make-up of the stone degrading the stone physically, yielding a waxy and plastic looking appearance. The crystallization process may also cause your stone to become brittle. With every new crystallization process applied to your stone, getting the optimal shine becomes much harder to achieve, needing more frequent treatments. This increased amount of work needed not only raises the out-of-pocket cost of maintaining your stone, but now has to be done every month due to the waxy look that the chemical process leaves behind. The natural polishing  process is a greener, chemical free process which sustains the integrity of your stone. A proper natural polishing procedure that potentially has a better look to it than a factory finish.

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