We are able to make your tile and grout floors appear brand new in Newport Beach

We are able to make your tile and grout floors appear brand new…
hold them searching that way!

When you have ever attempted to clean your tile floors by yourself, you realizePowerful-Steam-Cleaning-Truck-mounted-Machines-in-Newport Beach CA.jpg that it might be a actual challenge to acquire the grease and grime out with the grout.

Pacific Floor Care can clean and restore your ceramic or porcelain tile and grout to a like-new state!

We will appropriately prepare your floor by removing the loose dirt, extract the suspended soils out of your tile and grout, and apply a sealer for your grout to guard your floor against future mishaps. We can also use a related approach for your countertops and shower stalls.

Normal cleaning, for example sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing, basically can’t accomplish the same dramatic outcomes as skilled deep cleaning. Within the video, you can see for your self how extremely effective our cleaning options and gear are. If you’re frustrated along with your tile and grout floors or other surfaces, consider getting them professionally cleaned.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing Services include:

Thorough pre-inspection of the tile and grout flooring.
furniture is moved and replaced.
Take away dry soil with an anti-allergen micro-filtration vacuum.
Application of a specially formulated tile and grout cleaning
Manually scrub grout lines, as
Clean and extract
having a hard surface spinner.
Speed dry the floor with air movers.
Apply a heavy-duty water-based sealer that penetrates your grout,
guarding it from future stains and re-soiling, whilst making certain less difficult ongoing care and cleanliness.
Wipe down all baseboards.
Full a final walk-through to make sure that we’ve met your expectations.
100% Satisfaction

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