There are many methods out there to clean carpets like ironing, vinegar, dawn soap, hydrogen peroxide and etc… But how do you know for sure when to schedule a professional to come in and remove your stains? Part of the decision relies heavily on what type of stain it is and what kind of carpet you have. Many stains can be removed if you attend to it right after it happens, but that isn’t always the case. There are many websites out there that give tips on stain removal but make sure to test out little areas of your carpet before actually taking out the stain. Some homemade remedies or products can ruin the original color of your carpet. So test out a piece of the carpet under a couch or in a corner to clarify that it works. If your stain doesn’t come out that’s when you should call a professional. Surprisingly stains come out easier depending on what type of carpet you have.
Plant type carpets are harder to remove stains and need immediate attention to any accidental spills. Consider hiring a professional for this kind of stain removal. On the other hand wool and synthetic carpets are more stain resistant, and you’ll be more likely to remove any spot stains. But if you are going to try and do a deep clean on a wool carpet it’s recommended to hire someone. A job like that is difficult for someone to do on their own. Mostly because wool fibers absorb more water and are harder to dry. Although, you can do a deep carpet cleaning with synthetic carpet, their fibers are more water resistant.

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