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Keeping the carpet cleaned in your home is important for the indoor air quality in your house – and therefore the health of your family – and for the look and feel of your home. Here are some common mistakes so that your carpet remains as clean as possible.

Letting spills set.

This is a way to kill carpeting, particularly when the stain is from a pet. While it’s possible to clean and deodorize an old stain, the odds of completely removing a fresh stain are immeasurably higher, according to carpet experts. What happens is that the spill works deeper and deeper into the carpet if it is not immediately cleaned. Depending on what has spilled, the stain could begin to eat away at carpet fibers. Finally, if the carpet padding becomes soaked in any one area, that could require an entire section of the carpeting to be replaced.

Neglecting to test any cleaning products first.

Do you have a sample of your carpeting or some extra pieces that weren’t needed when the carpeting was installed? These are perfect to use in order to test any type of neutralizing agent or deodorizing powder. The last thing you want to see is a stain develop from one of the cleaning products you are using to remove a stain or odor. Instead, use an extra piece of carpeting, and if there is none available, pick out a spot in the rear of a closet to test.

Cleaning spills improperly.

Don’t use a wet vac or rent a professional steam cleaning machine to pull a stain from the carpeting. The heat will actually cause the stain to set into the carpet fibers. Another common mistake with spills is to rub too vigorously with a brush, rag or other item. Instead, soak up the spill with paper towels and newspaper by standing on top of the pile of towels. Use a 50 percent mixture of white vinegar and water and brush very mildly to remove the stain. Vigorous brushing untwists the carpet fibers, which allows them to sit down and give that trampled, dull appearance.

Never hiring a professional cleaner.

There’s a reason that all carpet manufacturers recommended at least one deep, professional carpet cleaning a year: this is best way to remove the dirt and soils that have been pushed down deep into the carpeting by your vacuum cleaner. The high pressure professional steam machines used by professionals run water and a safe cleaning product all the way to the padding of your carpeting. This cleans deeply, but doesn’t allow your carpeting to get too wet and risk mold or mildew. These professional machines are great for those stains that you have caught and cleaned during the year. The professional cleaning also works well to re-energize high traffic areas and help to restore that like-new shine and luster to your carpeting.

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