What Happens When You Don’t Clean Your Carpets, Newport Beach, CA


We all procrastinate when it comes to household chores that take effort. Whether it is cleaning out the garage or painting the trim on the house, it is difficult to find the time.

However, when it comes to cleaning your carpets it can be very costly to keep putting it off until tomorrow. Here are the main problems you will face when you procrastinate with your carpet cleaning.

Filtration Soiling

This is those dark lines or bands of soils that you find along walls, under doors that are kept closed for a length of time, under the skirting of furniture and more. Even though you vacuum these areas often these stains still appear.

This is caused by dust and other airborne pollutants that accumulate on the carpet fibers in areas with a concentrated flow of air over the carpet or through tiny cracks or other open areas under the carpet. It develops over a period of months or years and is not a result of the quality of carpet selected. The only way to get rid of these difficult and stubborn areas is to professionally clean you carpets regularly.

Traffic and Wear Patterns

Unsightly traffic and wear patterns show up in carpets over time and occur at transitions from a hard surface to a carpeted area and traffic paths through a room. People tend to drag their feet when they walk. This creates wear in the common pathways when going from a hard surface to a carpet.

Another factor that contributes to premature wear is dirt in your carpet. When we walk, the dirt grinds against the sides of the carpet fibers like sandpaper and weakens the fibers. The result, at these high use areas, is that the carpet fibers get physically worn away and create a dull appearance. Also, because the fibers are frayed, they will absorb dirt, spills and such easier than the non-worn fibers.


Recurring Stains

Pet stains seem to keep coming back Pet accidents, red wine, tomato sauce or coffee stains can be notoriously difficult to completely clean up after a spill. Removing these stains from carpet, especially stains that have set in over time and keep returning to the surface, can be frustrating. A reappearing stain, called “wicking,” may get removed from the surface with traditional cleaning methods, but not from the carpeting or upholstery padding underneath. Recurring stains are usually not permanent, and can be removed with proper cleaning techniques.

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