Do you love a freshly cleaned carpet? Maybe it’s been a while. Well get ready for something new and different. We are a full service company specializing in carpet cleaning of all types. Pacific’s Carpet Cleaning, Newport Beach CA offers the best cleaning services in the Los Angeles area.

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Hot Water Extraction Method

Orlando Carpet Cleaning Companies

Pacific Carpet Cleaning  utilizes the “hot water extraction method” or sometimes referred to as “steam cleaning”, even though no steam is utilized. This is the method recommended in the maintenance brochures of ALL the major carpet manufacturers, they recommend this method because their own research indicates that the “hot water extraction” method insures the best results when cleaning your carpet.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Equipment

24 Emergency Water Damage OrlandoPacific Carpet Cleaning utilizes the latest technology in truck-mounted equipment. Our powerful and professional truck mounted equipment, will not leave your carpet overly wet like a portable machine will. From a health standpoint, the truck mounted system is preferred because the dirty water, air and humidity are exhausted outside of your home, instead of inside like with a portable machine.Pacific Carpet Cleaning has invested tens of thousands of dollars into every van we operate. Each van has the ability to clean your carpets in the most efficient way possible. Our method will provide a deeper carpet clean, a carpet clean that will dry much faster, and a carpet clean that will remove more stains than any of our competitors.

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best_cleanersOfficial Member Of Pro-Cleaners Network Members of Pro-Cleaner’s Network are among the “Best of the Best” in the cleaning industry. They regularly attend online interactive training and informational meetings with fellow cleaners from all over the United States and several foreign countries. Each member has taken the time to seek out the latest technology and methods in professional cleaning to give you the best value and a superior cleaning job. Look no further for a professional cleaner… You’ve found one of the best there is.


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