A polished and sealed marble, cultured marble or travertine surface  can still be vulnerable to etching and stains. Marble Repair may be needed from stains and etching from foreign substances like acids and chlorides that erode away the sealer protecting the natural stone if left unattended for long periods of time. the only marble repair known method to fix this type of damage is diamond sanding marble or resurfacing natural stone. These marble stains and marble etching can be prevented just by sealing your marble or travertine surface after it is cleaned and polished. However any natural stone surface can still not be completely resilient against preventing acid or oils spills from being absorbed by the stone.

It is very important to know that any polished and sealed natural stone surface like marble and travertine can still be vulnerable to etching and stains after it is sealed.A sealer does not give 100% protection 100% of the time. Given enough time foreign substances erode away the sealer. Unfortunately and contrary to popular belief a natural stone sealer does not give 100% protection 100% of the time. and create damage to the surface of the stone. A good marble impregnator or natural stone sealer is crucial to helping keep stains and etching from occurring.The best policy to avoid expensive repairs in your marble or travertine stone surface is to wipe out any spills immediately after they occur, do this by simply blotting the area where the spill happened with water, this helps you prevent spreading the spill even further.“Marble, travertine repair and restoration is a very detail-oriented & meticulous process, for good results to be achieved there needs to be a periodic maintenance of the natural stone floor or countertop surface. Having the experience, the skill and right human element  it is an art in itself, it means the difference between a fairly decent repair job and a work of art. We can make it look almost like new”Amongst the different types of repairs that we can fix with marble and travertine are the following: marble and travertine crack repair, marble and travertine lippage reduction or removal, travertine hole and spall repair, marble and travertine table repair, marble and travertine chip repair, etc. in Newport Beach CA


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