Our Carpet Cleaning and Tile Cleaning Processes

Here at Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, we provide excellent carpet cleaning and tile cleaning service at a reasonable price. We use a signature mix of cleaning products that will leave your carpet or tile clean and fresh! Our guys have been trained by the best – industry experts with over 28 years of experience. They’re friendly and punctual (you’re welcome to check out our reviews above) and there are never any hidden charges. We are always up front about absolutely any additional costs and will thoroughly answer any questions you have. Schedule online now or call today!

 For our tile cleaning process, we use an oxidizing tile cleaner that bubbles into the pores of the tile and grout, loosening the trapped dirt and grime so our tile cleaning technician can blast it out of there and extract all cleaning residues. We’ll then dry the areas, and if you’ve opted for sealant we will apply that – full coverage for both your tile and your porous, exposed grout.

 Our standard carpet cleaning process includes the placement of protective corner guards, pre-conditioning of all areas with our carpet cleaner, spot treatment where necessary, and finally a neutralizing soft water rinse that leaves your carpet clean and free of any cleaning residues. Typical dry time is 3-4 hours.

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