Since 1989 we have been focusing on the one thing we do best. At Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning we are here for all your requirements whether they are commercial, industrial or residential. We are recognized company dedicated to the cleaning carpets, hard flooring and soft furnishings in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Life of your carpet depends on the care it receives. Well-maintained carpets should last from 10 to 15 years. Having your carpets professionally cleaned will enhance their life expectancy substantially, in addition to keeping them looking great. Not cleaning the carpets at all or having them cleaned improperly will reduce their life considerably. If your carpets don’t get cleaned professionally on a regular basis, they can easily become dirty, unhygienic or damaged. Don’t wait too long until you need to have them replaced. Clean carpets play a crucial role in maintaining a healthier indoor environment for your family!

At Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning we take the worry of home cleaning from you. We are proud to provide a cleaner and healthier home for your family using our latest equipment and unique methods to offer the most advanced cleaning services available. We can safely clean carpets, tile and grout, furniture, air ducts and more.

Over 28 years of industry leading experience and continuously improvement in professional cleaning gives us incomparable knowledge of how to deliver the deepest cleaning to carpets, upholstery, tiles & grouts.

Call today for a Free estimate 949-545-5205!

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