Saltillo Tile Cleaning • Sealing

saltillo cleaning services in Newport Beach caThe Pacific Cleaning  method for cleaning Saltillo will vary depending on the current condition of the tile and how well it has been maintained. We have the knowledge to use the correct abrasives to clean the Saltillo but not damage the clay. These are general methods, and results will vary.

New Saltillo: A very light custom abrasive process is used. Slurry removal is through a powerful truck-mounted machine for a very thorough cleaning step.

Older Saltillo previously sealed with a penetrating sealer only: We will scrub and lightly sand the surface of the tile safely using appropriate grit strength. The cleaning solution is very aggressive and will remove as much discoloring and staining as possible. Truck mounted equipment will wash away all the slurries generated during the abrasive process.

Older Saltillo previously sealed with a topcoat sealer: The abrasives used will depend on the condition of the existing coating, whether it is intact, or breaking down exposing the clay or showing deterioration of the clay. In some cases, the coating may need to be stripped off as best possible and then recoated. If the clay has eroded in areas, the discoloring can generally be improved after a good clean and recoat, but not erased.

Two sealing options: Penetrating or Topcoat Sealers

Penetrating sealers are clear and soak into the clay with no change to appearance. They help keep moisture from soaking in, but keep in mind Saltillo is clay and clay is very, very absorbent. Staining and discoloring will still eventually occur but to a lesser degree than unsealed Saltillo.

Penetrating sealers mixed with enhancer will darken & enrich the Saltillo but won’t add any shine. Think of it as moisturizing the clay. Penetrating sealers help to prevent water erosion and staining but Saltillo is so porous even after being sealed it can still be discolored.

Saltillo bricks: Enhancing penetrating sealer darkens the clay for a richer deeper hues, but adds no shine for a natural look

Saltillo-Brick-Cleaning-newport beach-CA

Before (left)Unsealed saltillo walkway in Newport Beach area.

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