Whether its shower tile, wall tile, or floor tile cleaning the bathroom has always been considered the worse job in the house. Tile and grout cleaning can be very labor intensive; hand scrubbing with harsh chemicals can be very tough and can create discouraging results. Mold and mildew can also be an issue. Amazing uses a specially designed tool that utilizes high pressure and hot water to literally blast the dirt and film from those tough to clean bathroom cracks and crevices. Our system leaves your tile sparkling clean. Grout is porous, so once cleaned, we recommend a sealer to help keep dirt, soap, and oils from penetrating the grout and preventing permanent staining.Let Amazing make your life easier by taking care of the dirtiest job in the house!

Shower Tile Cleaning only $89 to $159  Pacific of Newport Beach Specialist are experts in the Los Angeles area in  removing mold from your shower walls and restoring your tile and grout back to a like new condition. We have been cleaning showers with tile and grout, Travertine, marble and slate for over 25 years. No matter what type of tile or stone, we can handle it.

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