Tile Cleaning, Newport Beach, CA


We can clean tile, grout in your home or business. The same truck-mounted machine that cleans your carpet can be used to make your tile, grout, and hard surface floors sparkle! We use the same 230-degree water, and turn the pressure up to 1000psi to blast out dirt and grime. The tile is prepped with a solvent that is specifically designed for cleaning tile and grout, then special attachments are used to clean the surface.

Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning has over 20 years expertise to make any flooring look new again. Our IICRC certified technicians can clean Marble, Tile, Slate, Tile and Grout, and Natural Stone.

We can clean bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, shower floors, counter tops – almost every surface in your home or business!

See the pictures below, from a pool at a local university. We cleaned more than 5000 sq ft of tile!

  • Step 1: Soap is applied to the dirty tile and scrubbed at a low speed with an industrial buffer
  • Step 2: Difficult problem areas are identified and scrubbed by hand using a concentrated cleaning agent
  • Step 3:  Soap and dirt are removed using a high pressure steam jet and truck mounted vacuum system
  • Results: The tile “After” cleaning looks sparkling clean!

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