Carpet Cleaning
All of our carpet cleaning jobs are treated
the identical. Each carpet is inspected, furnishings is moved, all regions are pre treated, followed by a thorough extraction/ rinse and effective vacuum passes to remove excess moisture. All of our coupons and unique provides contain this level of service, as we only do one of the most thorough cleaning achievable on every job!All of our techniciansobtain unique instruction in carpet cleaning, maintaining, and repairing all various sorts and designs of carpet. We’re able to recognize the type of carpet inside your residence, which enables us to make use of the correct cleaning/spotting procedures and stain removal methods. Pacific is an IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification) Certified firm. What that means to you, the customer, is that we have taken a pledge to operate in an ethical manner at all times, and not employ deceiving advertising and sales gimmicks, or “bait and switch” tactics. Many carpet manufacturing mills are now requiring the use of IICRC Certified Firms to comply with warranty carpet cleaning requirements! All of our carpet cleaning jobs are treated the same. Each carpet is inspected, furnishings is moved, all locations are pre treated, followed by a thorough extraction/ rinse and strong vacuum passes to get rid of excess moisture. All of our coupons and special presents include things like this level of service, as we only do essentially the most thorough cleaning feasible on every job!Carpet Cleaning Procedures
Carpet Inspection: Our technician will inspect the

places to be cleaned, identifying potential problem regions, as well as expected cleaning results. Furniture to be moved will be identified, and you will be advised of attainable permanent staining or damage to your carpet.
Measure: The technician will then measure the
places to be cleaned. If we are cleaning carpet in an entire room, a wall to wall measurement will be taken. If we are cleaning only “traffic areas” we will do our best to measure the open regions. We charge by the square foot and only charge you for the carpet we actually clean.
Firm Price: After measuring, the tech will go over the exact price of carpet cleaning and get an approval before the job is started. We will always give you the best deal
attainable as it fits into our pricing structure. This price does not change unless more repairs or stain removals are requested by homeowner.
Pre Treatment: To start the carpet cleaning process the carpet is first treated with a
effective traffic lane prespray to loosen soils. A surfactant is used that is specifically designed for use on residential carpet. This could differ according to the condition or variety of carpet being cleaned.
Extraction: The next step is
probably the most important, the actual hot water extraction. A powerful truck-mounted machine with hot water (above 200o) and a mild detergent combined with extreme vacuum power will rinse the soils, stains and detergents from your carpet. Approximately 95% of the moisture is recovered in this step, leaving your carpet only slightly damp.
Post Cleaning Inspection: Your clean carpet is ready for inspection. When finished, the technician will advise you in helping the drying process. Also, any remaining stains (Red wine, juice, coffee, etc.) that have dyed the carpet, can be addressed if you request, as well as any repairs that are needed after carpet cleaning.
After Cleaning:
Be Careful! When walking from damp carpets to hard surfaces it can be very slick, so please watch your step!
Stay Off: Keep pets and kids off the carpet for as long as
possible, preferably 5 or 6 hours.
Apply Protectant!! You can extend the life of your carpet by applying protectant, so ask the technician
inside your home for a price quote … It’s worth it!
Wait at least 24 hours before you
take away tabs from under furnishings legs, or to vacuum your carpet.
Our company has over 25 years of experience in the carpet and tile cleaning industry. We provide customers with reliable solutions for all of their carpet cleaning and tile & grout cleaning needs. Our company also
gives upholstery cleaning, marble/travertine floor polishing, and wood floor refinishing services that our customers can count on. Our BBB rating is an A, and we’re happy to have over 12,000 satisfied customers. Our customer reviews are positive, and we always believe in offering quality services. We have effective industrial strength cleaning equipment that we use for all of our services.