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    Can You Clean a Microfiber Sofa?

    The reason why people these days love to purchase furniture made up of microfiber is the beauty and durability. This furniture not only enhances the look of your home but it also is very long lasting. People love the comfort it has to offer and it is soft to touch. A sofa is usually placed in the living room where you can sit and watch television and movies, guests will come quite often, kids will play on and around the sofa and even adults tend to get clumsy at times and drop drinks and food on the sofa. Microfiber sofas can be cleaned but it would become really hectic if you do not know what and how the cleaning is to be done.

    There are some easy step if you want to clean your microfiber sofa. The following are some useful tips which will come in handy when you decide to clean the microfiber sofa yourself. The first step is to go through the instruction manual or the label of the sofa which will let you know which chemicals you can use to clean it. Using a chemical which is not recommended can result in damage to your sofa. Microfiber sofas are usually made of synthetic material which limits you to using very few chemicals products to wash it.

    In case you have pet dogs or cats at home who enjoy spending time on the sofa then you will find lot of hair on your sofa. Removing pet hair is not a daunting task at all. A vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment will do the job for you. Cleaning your sofa with a vacuum cleaner once or twice a week is a must if you have pets. When a certain liquid spills on your sofa, do not make the mistake of rubbing it or letting it be there to dry. Instead use a dry cloth to blot it. The cloth shall absorb the spill; remove when it dries.

    If your microfiber sofa has stains which need to be removed, using a detergent and absorbent cotton cloth will do the job for you. The stain has to be blotted out by using the cotton cloth after spraying the detergent on it. The microfiber upholstery may get damaged if you rub the stain with the cloth; so do not try that. There are certain dry cleaning products which help removing stains, but use them only if they are not prohibited by the manufacturers of your microfiber sofa. Even while using such products one needs to be extra careful.

    Unfortunately over time dirt and stains will accumulate on your sofa no matter how much effort you put into cleaning. Food or drink can spill on the sofa and if not cleaned up quickly can set into the fabric and be almost impossible to remove. Pets can have accidents on the microfiber sofa and it becomes imperative to remove the stain and smell but home solutions are unable to do this. Also your sofa could become embedded with dust and allergens that are deep in the fabric. If this happens to you, then it is time to consult a professional upholstery cleaner like Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning who has the tools and knowledge to thoroughly remove stains, dirt, odor and allergens from your sofa by a professional deep cleaning. If you are concerned about the use of chemical cleaners, do not worry because Pacific is a green company and uses only chemical free detergents and Eco-friendly cleaning processes. Plus their equipment is the best on the market and will give your microfiber sofa a deep cleaning that regular equipment just cannot achieve. If you want more information about the excellent upholstery cleaning services of Pacific in Orange County, CA, then call today and make an appointment for a consultation.