Marble and Other Stone Cleaning, Polishing, Repair and Restoration - Lake Forest CA

Marble Plus Floor Care is your complete source for restoring and maintaining the beauty of your natural stone and tile and grout surfaces. We provide services and consultation to our customers as well as the education needed to properly maintain and preserve your investment.
Specializing in restoration and preservation of marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate and all natural stone, Marble Plus Floor Care brings back the beauty of your stone and provides maintenance solutions to keep it looking brand new!
Protect your investment and be proud of the quality and elegance that natural stone adds to your home or property.
Our Stone Services:
• Stone maintenance
• Diamond honing
• Professional polishing
• Cleaning
• Sealing
• Stain removal
• Etch removal
Why Marble Plus Floor Care?
• We have a proven track record of working effectively in tandem with managers, homeowners, rooms executives and other contractors.
• We have the experience, machinery and products to provide the highest-quality restoration and maintenance services for high-end residential and large volume commercial renovation projects.
• We provide the most effective system of maintenance after initial stone renewal and restoration.
• Our employees are trustworthy, experienced and respectful of your property. Give us a call today to discuss how we can bring the beauty back to your stone!

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Marble cleaning services, Lake Forest CA

We get many calls from homeowners asking for Marble Cleaning services. While we do offer marble cleaning, we rarely find that what the customer is actually looking for is in fact ‘cleaning’ of their marble.
More often than not, what customers are looking for is that beautiful shine their marble floors had when they were new.
Marble is a relatively soft stone. When it becomes dull and scratched, it loses its shine and luster. Many people see this and think their stone is dirty and needs professional cleaning. In actuality, the stone needs to be refinished and polished to restore the shine it had originally
How Shine is Restored
The deep shine we see on polished stone is achieved by rubbing the stone with a series of abrasive materials. The process is very similar to sanding a piece of wood. The stone is rubbed with a coarse abrasive grit, followed by finer and finer grits until the stone becomes smooth. The scratches left behind from one grit are removed by the next, creating finer and finer scratches. The process continues until the scratches are microscopic. The shine on the stone is achieved by abrading the surface to the point at which it becomes extremely smooth and starts to develop some reflectivity. The shine on the stone is thus a product of optics.
Stone Restoration and Refinishing
This process is commonly referred to as stone restoration or stone refinishing and is something that should only be done by a qualified professional stone restoration company.

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