Professional Tile Cleaning & Grout Cleaning, Orange County, CA

Showers, counters or floors, don’t waste time scrubbing! Call us today for the best tile cleaning & grout cleaning service available!  We have the equipment, staff, and cleaning supplies required to complete jobs of nearly any size. We use steam, cleaning equipment, chemicals, and industry standard practices to provide you with tile and grout that looks brand new.

Grout is very porous and absorbs every day dirt, dead skin cells, grease and oil! The chemicals used to clean the grout will lift the top layer of seal and we highly recommend resealing after cleaning. All Pro Services uses powerful truck mounted extraction with high pressure water heated to above 200°. Our state of the art equipment is specifically designed to agitate and lift dirt, grease and oil from grout! The combination of industrial chemicals to treat hard water build-up with our equipment provides maximum cleaning results! We go “Beyond Clean” and provide the best tile cleaning service in Orange County, CA since 1987.

Our Tile Cleaning Process

The only way to lift the dirt, grease & oil is a combination of:

  • Water heated above 200° temperature (steam softens and loosens dirt)
  • High pressure behind the hot water (concentrating on the grout)
  • Specifically designed equipment that agitates
  • Industrial chemicals that attack hard water build-up
  • Powerful truck mounted extraction

Other Cleaning Services at All Pro Services

We also offer commercial janitorial services.  Our friendly and efficient teams have a fast response time, professional skills, great attitude, dedication to customer service, and are here to help.  Contact us today to get in touch with our janitorial department and schedule a needs assessment. We provide superior services through quality, dedication, and commitment.

Tile And Grout Cleaning In Orange County, CA

Tile & Grout Cleaning, Orange County, CA can be really difficult, and may be a big challenge if you are not familiar with the process.

Have you ever felt so frustrated while trying unsuccessfully to clean the grout between your tiles, that you just want to tear out the tiling and replace everything? Well, don’t be dismayed. You are not alone.. Grout enhances the appearance of your tiles with its wide array of complimentary colors, but it is composed of mostly porous material and is a good absorbent for all the detritus like grease, dirt, soap scum, carbonate scaling, cooking oil, and sediments that gets smeared over it with time. That is why it is necessary to coat all grout with a sealant after installation. The sealant will wear off after a couple of years though, and sometimes the grout is not sealed at all. So what is the easiest way to clean that grout? The following must be taken into consideration:


There are basically two types of tiles – synthetic or man-made tiles like ceramic and natural or organic tiling like granite, slate, etc. Synthetic tiles are impervious to almost all chemicals or cleaning agents that may be used, but natural tiles are porous and will be severely damaged or etched by acidic chemicals.

Generally speaking, kitchen and hallway tile and grout are more prone to be covered with alkaline deposits, and are best cleaned with alkaline (high pH) tile and grout cleaning solutions, while tile and grout in bathrooms usually have deposits which require low pH (acidic) solvents for removal.

Sometimes grout in some areas may be so badly gouged that it may require repair before or after further treatment by professional tile and grout cleaners.

Small areas of tiling and grout may be cleaned with a small, non-metallic brush, but for larger areas, optimal equipment is a turbo tool powered by a truck mounted machine generating pressures of up to 1000 psi, vacuum of up to 14 inches mercury, and temperatures of up to 250 degrees F. In each case, the cleaning solution is applied liberally over the tile and grout, left to react for at least 15 minutes, and then extracted and rinsed off the tile and grout. High temperatures and agitation with a machine or grout brush will assist the cleaning process.

Finally after you have the tile and grout looking sparkling clean again, be sure to insist on sealing it with an appropriate water-based or solvent-based sealant, to protect the grout from re-soiling and making it easy for you to clean, without wanting to tear out the tiling.

A good sealant will remain on the grout for about two professional cleanings. So clean your tile and grout professionally at least once a year to avoid this kind of frustration.

While you might be tempted to do all of this yourself, in the long run, unless you are dealing with a relatively small area, the easiest and most cost-effective thing to do, is to call in a professional tile & grout cleaning and sealing company.



Grout and tile have porous surfaces, which makes them prone to damages caused by dirt and other particles. Soil can accumulate over time and take away the luster and beauty of your grout and tile. Without the correct training and techniques, it could be difficult to perform cleaning jobs in high traffic areas, where grout can become entirely clogged with dirt and other residues.

Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Orange County, CA has the right solution. With over 15 years of experience in handling residential and commercial projects, we can provide the best type of service you deserve. In addition to our specially developed grout and tile cleaning solution, we use a powerful truck-mounted cleaning system to bring your flooring back to its original appearance.

Getting rid of unpleasant pet stains and odors from your home is our specialty. Using the most effective pet odor treatment Orange County residents trust, we can provide the results you are expecting. Our team works efficiently to make sure that your premises have no trace of pet odor or rug stains.

Our system delivers a high-pressure, hot water rinse with an enclosed vacuum system to clear out built-up residue and dirt from your flooring, leaving them far cleaner than you could ever expect to attain on your own. We take pride in being the specialists of choice for Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Orange County, CA properties need. Our team is always on standby, waiting for your call. Should you have any concerns about your residential or commercial tile and grout, just let us know and we’ll come over. We would be more than happy to be part of your home or office beautification project.

No matter how soiled, we can make your Tile and Grout Look New Again!, Orange County, CA

At Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Orange County, CA, our professionals are specially trained to make your tile look like new. Over time, the tile and grout in your house can become extremely dirty and even off colored. If the prospect of cleaning your tile and grout exhausts you then call us, we can help. We offer more than just carpet cleaning services. In fact, many of our clients hire us initially for carpet cleaning and end up having us clean their tile as well.

The Right Tile Cleaning Equipment

To effectively clean tile and grout, you need the right professional equipment and technique. The Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Orange County, CA have the equipment and know-how to get all of the dirt and grime off of your tile and grout. We do it the right way and we use the best equipment in the industry. We have invested in our tile cleaning services by purchasing the best tools and supplies and by specially training each of our employees. See for yourself. Our goal is 100 % customer satisfaction.

Innovative Tile and Grout Sealer

Our cleaning method is very effective and when finished your tile and grout will be ready for sealant if need be.  Let us know if you would like us to apply sealant and the type of sealant, whether it be glossy, semi gloss or natural. If we apply sealant, you need to arrange at least 24 hours before walking on the floor.

Grout Cleaning Service

The toughest part of cleaning tile can be getting the long term soil out of the grout in the floor; however, this is not a problem for us with our industrial equipment that we bring to your house or business.  We specialize in a process that is incredibly effective at cleaning grout. When the grout is clean, the tile is clean. We don’t settle for clean tile and dirty grout. We do the whole job and know we are going to leave you satisfied.



Taking care of cleaning tile floors is a tough job that can be messy, uncomfortable and still not lead to the results you want. It’s when you choose a team of professionals for your Pacific Carpet and Tile Grout Cleaning that you can truly get that deep clean you need in order to take care of your home. Grout is a porous material; one that easily collects dirt and grime. Not to mention, this becomes a great breeding ground for mildew, mold and even bacteria.

Your grout can quickly look discolored and dirty but, even worse, can actually be dirty and contain germs and mold. This is not the type of cleaning that can be taken care of by a simple mopping or spot cleaning. If you want to truly reach the hidden dirt that lies deep within the pores of your grout lines. But with proper, professional cleaning your tile floors and surfaces can look as good as new again.


Taking Care of Cleaning Your Home

Letting trained, skilled and experienced pros take care of your tile and grout cleaning means getting much better results than you could ever get on your own. But what most people want to know is what exactly the benefits are of getting this type of work done. There are many and here are just a few:

  1. The ideal look – Obviously, one of the most common reasons people opt to get this type of work done is that it completely improves the overall look.
  2. Safer than other alternatives – Too many homeowners take upon themselves to attempt this cleaning project. This means using cleaning products that are harsher than they need to be and cleaning methods that just aren’t that effective.
  3. Prolong the longevity – If left to collect bacteria and mold, your grout begins to break down which means you get to invest money into repairing and replacing in a relatively short amount of time.
  4. Make your home safer – Without proper cleaning, your tile surfaces collect mildew and even bacteria. So you could actually be causing your loved ones to be exposed to potential health risks.



Limestone floors are relatively easy to maintain and can bring a timeless elegance to any kitchen, bath, or living area. However, limestone can become dull and dirty with time and use. Here are some tips to keep your floors looking their best.

Dealing with Dull Spots and Etching

First and foremost, it’s important to use a pH-balanced cleanser that is formulated specifically for marble and limestone floors. Chemical abrasives and acidic cleansers can cause etching, a phenomenon that occurs when a calcium-based stone like limestone, travertine, or marble comes in contact with anything acidic and creates what looks like a cloudy white watermark. Spills from acidic liquids like vinegar, soda, tomato sauce, and lemon juice can also cause etching. Limestone polishing compounds or etch removers for getting rid of light etching are available for DIY use on polished (not honed) limestone. Ask us about specific product recommendations. Heavier etch marks, that is, any etching that has a texture, as well as etching that covers larger areas, should be removed by an experienced stone care professional.

Getting Rid of Stains

Stains that leave dark spots on natural stone can usually be removed with a poultice. A poultice safely absorbs stains from the surface without discoloring the stone. You can buy a ready-to-use poultice or make one yourself.

The Problem with DIY Finishes

Over-the-counter finishes and lacquers can create that desired “wet look” and a temporary guarantee to protect your floors, but in reality, they may actually cause more harm than good. These finishes eventually flake away, leaving your floor vulnerable to damage from foot traffic. They can also block the pores of limestone and cause premature degradation and dullness over time.

If you already have such a finish, it’s best not to remove it yourself because the process can be very difficult and may cause permanent damage to the stone if done incorrectly. An experienced stone restoration professional will be able to remove the finish with the appropriate equipment and stripping agents, and then hone and polish your floor to a low sheen or even a high-gloss, depending on your preference.

Sealing Your Limestone Floors

Limestone floors may need to be sealed periodically, to inhibit staining. Keep in mind that sealers will wear away over time, so it’s best to have sealed limestone floors cleaned and resealed by a professional restoration contractor every two years or so.

Restoring Worn Floors to Like-New

If your limestone floor is worn, scratched, or damaged, don’t replace it. One of the most wonderful features of natural stone is that your floor can be professionally refinished to look brand new again.

Keeping Them Looking New

With the right care and maintenance your limestone floors can always look like the day they were installed and give you a lifetime of beautiful service.



How To Remove a Stain on Terrazzo

Stains on terrazzo can be unsightly and may lead you to decide you have no choice but to have tile or carpet installed over it, but often stains on terrazzo can be effectively removed. You can attempt to remove the stain yourself or contact a professional stone restoration contractor. Here is what will need to be done.

Are your terrazzo floors waxed or coated?

It is not uncommon for a terrazzo floors to be coated or waxed with a topical finish. The only way to know whether the stain is in the topical finish or in the terrazzo itself is to remove any old finish. If you are certain that your terrazzo has a natural, honed or polished finish then you can skip the stripping process described below and move on to the poultice application.

Also note that most modern terrazzo is made with a resin matrix that will soften if stripped. If you are sure that your terrazzo has an older cementitious matrix, you can safely proceed with stripping. If you have any doubts or know that you have a newer, resin matrix terrazzo floor, do not apply a stripper to your terrazzo.

Stripping Waxes and Coatings

It is very important to note that floor stripper is very caustic and can cause injury or damage. You must wear heavy latex gloves and eye protection and use masking tape and plastic to protect the floor surrounding your work area.

Mix one part water-based floor stripper (the same kind used for vinyl tile or polymer finishes) with six parts water and apply to the stained area. Allow five minutes dwell time. Agitate the solution with a green scrubbing pad. Use an absorbent white cloth or paper towels to soak up the solution. Then, repeat this entire process.

At this point, if the coating was stained and not the terrazzo itself, it is possible that the stain may be gone. If so, use a pH-neutral, stone-safe cleaner to remove any remaining stripper and clean the area. If the stain is still there, that means it is in the terrazzo, and you can try to remove it using a poultice application.

The Poulticing Method of Stain Removal

A poultice is a combination of a dry, absorbent medium and a liquid chemical or cleaning agent. The ingredients for your poultice will depend on what type of stain you are trying to remove.

Restoring Your Terrazzo Finish

Please note: If your terrazzo has a natural, honed or polished finish, there is no need to strip or re apply coatings.

If you stripped the stained area, you removed the topical finish. That means you now have a small area that looks dull compared to the surrounding floor. To resolve this problem, use a paint brush to re apply a water-based finish. It may take up to eight coats to give the work area a nice, even sheen that blends with the surrounding area.

Professional Terrazzo Stain Removal and Refinishing

An experienced natural stone restoration contractor can use a floor machine with an aggressive pad to strip your entire floor, if needed. Depending on the severity of the stain, the technician can either apply a poultice or grind the affected area, removing a very thin upper layer and virtually erasing the stain. Then, the floor can be deep scrubbed and recoated to rejuvenate the existing finish or honed and polished for a beautiful, natural finish that eliminates the need for any future stripping or recoating.


Porcelain and ceramic are similar, in that they are both made from clay and kiln fired, making them very different from other categories of tiles, such as glass or natural stone. Although the words porcelain and ceramic are often used interchangeably, differences between the two types of tile can make a difference in the cost, appearance, and longevity of your installation.

What’s the difference between porcelain and ceramic?

Ultimately, a ceramic tile is categorized as porcelain if its moisture absorption rate is .5% or lower. Ceramic tile is cheaper, easier to install, and offers more color selections than porcelain. The ingredients of porcelain tiles are more refined, and it is fired at a greater pressure and higher temperature than ceramic, making it much harder and denser, and consequently, more expensive and more difficult to install than ceramic. But cost is only one consideration among many.

About Glazed and Through-Body Porcelain

A glazed porcelain tile has a coating that fills in any microscopic holes on the surface of the clay, making it easier to keep clean than unglazed tiles. However, unglazed tiles are better for slip resistance and less likely to show signs of wear, since the color on the surface is the same color that runs through the entire tile.

Tile Care and Maintenance

Tile floors should be swept and damp mopped regularly and professionally cleaned as needed. Porous grout lines can be sealed to inhibit staining and to make regular cleaning more productive. When grout color sealer is applied to grout lines, they become impervious to stains. With all the benefits of clear sealer, grout color sealer offers numerous additional benefits, including constant-acting mildewcides and fungicides. Unglazed porcelain tile, although less porous than natural stone, can be subject to discolorations and staining with traffic and use. These surfaces should be professionally sealed once per year or more. Glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles do not require sealing, but may need slip resistance treatments, depending on the way the space is used.

Consider all the factors, and not just price, when you make your purchase decision for new floors and surfaces. For existing floors, proper care and maintenance can make a world of difference. Don’t replace your tile without consulting with an experienced tile restoration contractor, who may be able to achieve dramatic results that postpone or eliminate the need for replacement.


Tile and Grout Cleaning Services Orange County, CA – The best cleaning company

In Orange County, CA tile and grout cleaning on tiled floors can be a difficult work to handle, and a lot of individuals do this with a mop, or manually. Professionally cleaned floors are normally the best sorts of floors, since they are better cleaned with the right sort of devices needed to allow them to shine again. Grout that collects dirt and grime can often make the surface of a floor to get stained and irregular looking. Our trained professional cleaning team will come out to inspect floors, giving customers an estimate of what it will cost to have their floors back to new condition. We all know how to restore all luster to the floors, and make it safe and fresh for all our customers to appreciate. Our own vacuum cleaner and water combination cleaners with steam, is known to tackle the deepest dirt in flooring.

Using our clear as well as color sealant, our Orange County, CA Tile and grout cleaning gets much easier, and tile and grout are very well shielded, making the floors remain looking wonderful. Our great color sealant is right for employing in floors that appear difficult to get clean. The time it requires our expert team to completely clean a space, relies on the size of the area, the amount of cleaning that is needed, and also the room configuration. For customers thinking of doing their own floor, sweeping is the best thing to do before trying to clean up a tiled floor. We as being a professional firm, avoid all bleach type items in order not to destroy the sealants on our customers floors. We will do our best to arrange an affordable price for all our customers simply because we would like all of them to keep returning to us.



Tile is becoming more and more commonplace in homes and businesses alike. Keeping those floors looking new and free of dirt and grim could be a challenge for anyone, especially when the tile is in a high traffic area. At home, do it yourself surface cleaning can only do so much. If you are looking for professional tile and grout cleaning in Orange County, CA then look no further! We specialize in cleaning your floors and leave them looking as if they were just installed.

Our tile cleaning process uses high-pressure, professional equipment to extract the dirt from, not only the top of the tiles, but also from within the pores of the grout for a deep clean. Most normal cleaning processes done at home only touch the surface tiles, but our services give you that overall cleaning that your floor needs.

Our state of the art equipment is rivaled by no one. After a quick consolation, we find the best equipment and treatment specifically picked for your floors. With us, you always receive individualized treatment. We are very gentle on your tile, but tough on dirt and grim.

Regular tile and grout cleaning in Orange County, CA should be a part of your regular floor cleaning and maintenance. You wouldn’t neglect vacuuming dirty carpet. You probably clean the surface of your tile on a regular basis too, but dirt goes much deeper than the eye can see. Cleaning frequency should be determined by the amount of traffic that comes through the area. We can schedule regular cleanings or individual sessions based on your needs.

If you are looking for a deep clean on your tile and grout, give us a call today. We promise to deliver only the best in service for your floors.