Large and Small Business Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Orange County, ca


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Let Pacific’s state-of-the-art commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning services restore your business’ clean and professional interior. Our commercial grade equipment allows us to work on large spaces with detail and efficiency, saving our clients time and money.

Whether it’s bi-monthly, monthly, every six months or annually, Pacifc can set your business up on a maintenance schedule for routine cleaning that is hassle free. Our commercial services have already transformed the spaces of everything from sign warehouses and professional offices, to restaurants and Universities.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning prices:

         1-1000 sq ft     .15 cents per sq. ft.

   1,000-3,000 sq ft     .14 cents per sq. ft.

   3,000-5,000 sq ft     .13 cents per sq. ft.

   5,000-8,000 sq ft     .12 cents per sq. ft.

  8,000-15,000 sq ft    .11 cents per sq. ft.

     15,000 and up        .10 cents per sq. ft.

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