Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Orange County CA

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Orange County CA

Tip: Do not “shampoo” your carpeting. The bonnets and brushes associated with this cleaning method may damage carpet fibers. Typically, shampooing only cleans the upper portion of the carpet fibers. In addition, this method is likely to leave a detergent residue that quickly attracts soil and makes the carpet look dirty soon after it was cleaned.

Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning of Orange County, with its fleet of truck-mounted and portable commercial carpet cleaning machines, can handle any commercial cleaning job in Southern California. We’d be happy to consult with you about customizing our services to best serve your needs. Our representatives can develop schedules that make sense and fit your budget. In addition, we can suggest low-cost proactive measures you can take to make your carpeting and furniture last longer.

Our state of art hot water extraction methods (aka warm water extraction or steam cleaning) are considered the best for deep carpet and upholstery cleaning. After a thorough industrial strength vacuuming, warm or hot water – often mixed with a cleaning agent — is sprayed into the carpet pile. A powerful vacuum immediately sucks up the solution, along with dirt particles that have been dislodged, and delivers it to a holding tank. A final rinse, followed by a second pass of the vacuum, removes any remaining dirt or remaining cleaning solution.

The advantage of hot water extraction is that it uses little or no detergent or chemicals, so there are virtually no residues to attract soil once the carpet has been cleaned. Although some water remains on the carpet after cleaning, it evaporates quickly with good ventilation and the use of air conditioning or fans.

The carpet should not be walked upon until it is dry. In some cases, a dehumidifier may be called for. Most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction methods for their products. Other office carpet cleaning methods, including soil encapsulation and stain removal, may be used as required.

Choose a company with certified technicians

When choosing a commercial carpet cleaning company, look for one that employs certified technicians. Kleen King is an IICRC, RIA, and CRI Certified Firm with a commitment to ongoing education. This allows us to stay up to date with the latest in technological advances in cleaning and restoration. In addition, Pacific of Orange County uses the most advanced equipment and supplies. We guarantee your carpet and upholstery will be as clean as they can be. By using the proper heat, ph and rapid drying times, Pacific sets itself apart from the competition.


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