Get longer life out of your upholstered furniture with professional cleaning. Vinyl and tile floor cleaning gives your floor a lasting shine.

Get long life out of your carpet and furniture

Regular cleaning gives your furniture and carpet the longest life possible. You protect your investment when you schedule periodic professional cleaning. You get a high powered truck-mount deep steam cleaning that extracts the ground-in dirt discoloring your upholstery, area rugs, or wall-to-wall carpeting. Steam cleaning is especially effective on materials soiled by spilled liquids, tracked-in mud, or other substances that don’t rest on the surface.

Full-service fabric and upholstery cleaning

  • Carpets and area rugs
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Upholstered office cubicles
  • High-traffic areas

Whether you need carpets and furniture cleaned after a single event or on an on-going basis, you get licensed professionals who deliver top-notch service as scheduled. You can count on our crews and their experience in cleaning offices, restaurants, hotel event rooms, and other commercial establishments. Protect your investment in your property and present a clean, professional environment to your clients.

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