5 questions to ask your carpet cleaner in Orange County, CA


Finding the right carpet cleaner in Newport Beah can be surprisingly easy if you know what questions to ask. Prior to making a hiring decision, be sure to ask these five questions to assure that you’re hiring a professional. Rest assured that by asking them, you’re on the road to hiring the right company.

1. “Are you a licensed and certified cleaning company?”

Your carpets are one of the most expensive items you have and you should only trust a true professional to work on them. Would you bring your car to a non-certified car technician?

A licensed and certified carpet cleaner will always work within the standards of professional cleaning and will make sure that the cleaning processes involved are home and environment friendly.

2. “Are you affiliated with any certification body?”

Is your carpet cleaner a member of an organization? An affiliation or membership to organizations can help assure you that you are not hiring a fly-by-night carpet cleaner. Certification bodies and organizations have rules and guidelines before any certification is issued and affiliation is awarded.

3. “What do past clients have to say about your services?”

Take some time to review what customers have to say about the company’s services. Ask for referrals from some of their clients. The time spent for a little checking is much better than hiring the wrong company because you missed out on it.

4. “What guarantee do you offer?”

If you were not satisfied with the cleaning, would you pay for it? A reliable carpet cleaning company confident with the quality of their work will vouch on a money back guarantee if client is not satisfied. A carpet cleaning company should offer to re-clean any area or spots that need to be redone.

5. “What sets you apart from other carpet cleaning companies?”

Many times, it is equally important to ask questions that do not deal with technicalities. You would like to know whether you’re hiring a carpet cleaner whom you can trust and who cares. A question like this allows you to gauge your carpet cleaner’s character.

You may ask more questions depending on your need. This is your ticket to finding the right carpet cleaner.


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