Marble Cleaning, Orange County CA ‎92625, ‎92657, ‎92661, ‎92662

Marble Cleaning, Orange County CA ‎92625, ‎92657, ‎92661, ‎92662

marble floor cleaning services in Newport beach

Cleaning processes vary based on the stone surface condition and type of dirt or oil being removed. Cleaned periodically using a non-acidic cleaner, marble is easy to keep clean. However, once wear sets in, creating hollows and low points for dirt to collect, your stone can become difficult to keep clean. Properly polished and maintained, free of scratches facilitates cleaning and care of your natural stone. Pacific Marble Cleaning can assist you in not only cleaning your marble surfaces, but assisting you in setting the floor up to facilitate caring for the floor or other marble surface.

Stone Stain Removal

Pacific Marble Cleaning  can assist you in removing stains and discolorations from your stone. Whether you are seeking to have this done for you, or seeking guidance on how to do this yourself Pacific Marble Cleaning  can help you restore your stone’s original finish.

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