Cheap (but Quality) Carpet Cleaning in Newport is Only a Call Away

Cheap (but Quality) Carpet Cleaning in Newport is Only a Call Away

In Orange County, particularly the coastal neighborhoods, carpets can easilyCheap (but Quality) Carpet Cleaning in Orange County is Only a Call Away become victim to the variety of bikes, wet surfboards, refreshments and other various items that tend to cause wear and tear.  We are a city in motion with the schedules to prove it!

We started Pacific’s Same Day Carpet Care with a lot of hard work and a vision for fair prices.   The market is a tough one, with lots of big business corporate competitors and gas prices rising every week.  Fortunately, I noticed that most of these companies simply did not stand behind the quality of their work.  Most employees were underpaid, under-appreciated, and over-worked; which of course reflected in their work.

At my company, I consider employees like family.  I like to say, “if I am going to allow my employees in your home, they should be a part of mine”   A good company culture and positive environment provides us with the everyday drive to your locations all around the Los Angeles area.  Our employees are all sociable and trustworthy people, with many having multiple years of experience.

Our mission at Pacific Carpet Cleaning is to provide you with the cheapest, fastest service in the city and surrounding areas.  We have an experience team of employees who will be happy to drive to your home and make your carpet look like brand new.  Beer or Wine spills?  No problem.  Dog and children tracks?  No Problem.  Surfboard wax? Candle Wax? We’ve seen it all and cleaned it all, with an affordable price in a short time frame.  So, when you think of carpet cleaning, think of us here at Same Day, and give us a call anytime.}document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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