After restoring saltillo tile, homeowner floored by the nice result – Orange County CA

After restoring saltillo tile, homeowner floored by the nice result – Orange County CA

For ten long years, Matt H. of Orange County CA., hated the way his kitchen’s saltillo tile floor looked. The wide grout lines that were supposed to be white had turned into shades of gray, brown and yellow.

“Having a dirty-looking floor in the kitchen just makes you think, ‘ew’ at some subconscious level, even when you know that it has been swept and mopped recently,” Matt says.

With that in mind, Matt had always thought he’d refresh the kitchen by tearing out the old floor and replacing it with new tile and grout.

His plans changed, though, when he had to move a piece of furniture in the kitchen and realized the tile floor underneath looked amazing. It just so happened that right around that time, he received an email from Angie’s List announcing a special on professional floor cleaning. Matt went for it.

As far as he was concerned, it was “worth taking a chance to see what could be done with the old floor.”

Matt hired the contractor, and within an hour after the service provider showed up, the floor looked brand new.

“I was totally floored with the results,” he says, adding, “pardon the pun.”

He was so pleased with the outcome, he says he wishes he would have found the service years ago.

“We consistently get comments on how nice the floor looks when people come for a visit who haven’t seen it since it had been it’s former dingy, dirty self,” he said.


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