The average Orange County, CA homeowner could use a good Steam Carpet Cleaning for their home right now and doesn’t even realize it. It doesn’t matter how regular you are about a thorough vacuuming, there are just some things that can’t be taken care of without a deep steam clean. The other mistake is assuming that the type of steam cleaner you rent from your local home improvement store will get the job done.

These machines simply are not made to the same industry standards as the ones professional companies use. Not to mention, the store-bought cleaning products you get over the counter just are no measure to the solutions experts use. In fact, most of what you can buy in the store doesn’t give you a deep clean and actually can cause harm to your carpet fibers. Yet, there is more to it than that when it comes to thoroughly cleaning your carpets with steam.


What’s the Real Difference?

Using hot water extraction in the method pros at Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Orange County, CA. do is what makes all of the difference. This extraction of hot water and soil brings up so much more than other methods can. Not to mention, there are no other techniques to use that truly work on offering you the best in pet stain and odor remediation.

The average store-bought product for odor and stain removal leads to problems like over-saturation. This can actually cause the stain and odor to spread and soak in further. Not to mention, all this lingering dampness can result in mold growth in fibers and flooring in most cases. The other problem is that these stain removers leave behind residue and traces of chemicals that can strip the carpet of its natural ability to resist grime and dirt.

When urine is allowed to soak into the carpet it tends to also reach the padding beneath. This causes the odor to linger and, even worse, creates a smell that attracts the pet back to this spot to repeat the behavior. So let an expert take care of this for you and prevent the problem from getting worse.


Call on the Trusted Pros

At Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Orange County, CA we have the training, skills and hands on industry experience to be the most qualified team to get the job done. Not only that, we guarantee our cleaning and remediation work. If we are unable to make an improvement in the stains, odors and overall cleanliness of your carpeting, drapes and upholstery you don’t pay a cent. Contact our Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning today and let’s get started taking care of your Orange County, CA steam carpet cleaning needs.

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