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Carpet Cleaning, Orange County CA

Carpet Cleaning, Lake Forest CA

Your home is at the center of your life, the place you enjoy time with your family and friends. Children, as well as pets, spend a great amount of time on the floor, making carpet cleaning and maintenance vital. Carpet is one of the most important investments you can make in your home. Keeping it in top condition protects that investment.
Clean carpet in a commercial environment extends the life of the carpet by removing dirt that would wear it out from grinding foot traffic. Clean carpets projects a professional image.
Clean Trust Certified
Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning offers professional residential and commercial carpet cleaning as well as maintenance programs. All of our carpet cleaning technicians are Clean Trust certified, the leading certification of the cleaning and restoration industry. Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning follows a process that provides better results and higher quality. Being Clean Trust Certified means that our technicians will keep your carpet warranty in place, while other companies who don’t have technicians that are certified, could void the warranty.

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