Carpet Cleaning, Orange County, CA

Carpet Cleaning, Orange County, CA

Carpet cleaning goes far beyond having a stain removing product; it involves proper knowledge of the carpet framework, fabric make-up and stain type. At Pacific Carpet Cleaning Service we are trained, certified and experienced in cleaning all carpet and fabric types, including the most unusual soiling conditions.

Due to our advanced certification and training, the cleaning technicians of Pacific Carpet Cleaning Service are often called upon to correct soiling conditions that other cleaners aren’t familiar with. Using the time tested, deep cleaning procedure of hot water extraction we are able to leave your carpets clean and fresh with a softer feel underfoot.

Deep Cleaning Facts:

  • Removes oils, sticky soil and other ground-in dirt left behind after vacuuming
  • It is recommended to deep clean your carpets a minimum of every 12 to 18 months
  • Hot water extraction or deep cleaning methods are sometimes referred to as “steam cleaning

Pet Odor & Stain Treatments

As pet owners, we understand that you love your dog, cat, or bird, but as homeowners we know what can happen to the appearance of your furniture, carpeting and high-end oriental rugs. Even occasional relieving accidents, urinating on the rug or bowel emptying on the carpet, can result in more issues than a simple stain. Health contamination, weakened carpet layers, and odors can quickly accompany those unsightly stains if not treated in a timely and accurate manner.

At Pacific Carpet Cleaning we utilize a variety of techniques and treatments for pet stain and pet odor remediation. Our team is not only trained but also certified in this area, providing us with a better chance of completely removing or reducing the appearance of pet stains. Through the use of specialized products we are able to detect, clean, neutralize and potentially deodorize urine and other unwanted pet stains.

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