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Carpet Cleaning Orange County– Simple Tips to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Carpet Cleaning Orange County– Simple Tips to Keep Your Carpets Clean, Lake Forest

Lets face it, no one likes dirty and grime carpets. No matter how hard we might try dirt will always find a way into our homes. However there are a few small things that we can do to help minimize the amount of soil that we track into our homes and onto our carpets.
Most folks do not realize just how important it is to reguraly vacuum their carpets. This should be done at least once a week, and more frequently if children or pets are present. For your vacuuming effort to be successful you must be using a quality well maintained vacuum. Please remember to empty or change your vacuum’s dust bag before it gets full, vacuuming with an over full dust bag is ineffective.
When having your carpets cleaned always have your carpet’s protector reapplied. The anti- stain and soiling treatment on your carpet is a topical treatment and does wear off over time . This reappication of your carpets protector will rejuvenate it’s ability to resist spills and stains as well as increasing it’s ability to resist resoiling. Please remember to have your carpets professionally cleaned annually.
If you follow these simply tips your carpets will look and feel beautiful all year long and will they last longer as well! I am sure that the idea of your carpets lasting 20 to 25 years sounds good to you. The good news is that a well cared for, quality carpet will last that long.

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