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Carpet cleaning in Orange County is an unavoidable aspect of owning a home or apartment with carpeted floors. More than the basic maintenance of vacuuming, more commercial-grade carpet cleaning methods are necessary to ensure a long, healthy life for your carpet. As many homeowners already know, vacuuming does little to remove the grime and microscopic dirt that clings below the surface of your carpet. Even the most pampered carpets, including homeowners who demand that guests remove their shoes, should have their carpets cleaned thoroughly at least once a year. Other carpets may see such heavy use that a homeowner would do well to buy their own carpet cleaning equipment.

DIY Orange County Carpet CleaningMany homeowners undertake their own carpet cleaning to varied success. While carpet cleaning may seem fool-proof, many types of carpet cleaning must be expertly executed to avoid common problems that can arise from the cleaning process itself. You may have invested in a steam cleaner for your carpet, telling yourself that a few hours of your time is worth saving the cost of hiring a professional. The problem is that many steam cleaners marketed for use by homeowners have inadequate controls for steam application. A delicate balance must be achieved to get your carpet clean without saturating the fibers and padding with moisture. Given the high moisture content of the air inside and outside many New York homes, your carpet may take too long to dry. This creates mold and mildew problems, as well as generally foul odors that are notoriously difficult to eliminate. Saturating your carpet padding with poorly applied steam cleaning can also reduce the carpet’s viability and life expectancy.

What about the dry powder cleaning solutions? These cleaners may work okay, but you’ll need to be sure your vacuum is relatively powerful and in good working condition. If your vacuum is unable to pick up the powder and the dirt the clings to it, once again you can unwittingly create headaches for you and your carpet down the road. Plus, you’ll probably still want to occasionally hire a professional to come in and clean your carpets.

Professional Orange County Carpet Cleaning ServicesThe same warnings of DIY Orange County carpet cleaning can be translated into the benefits of hiring professional cleaning services. The equipment and expertise high quality carpet cleaners will bring to your home simply can’t be reasonably matched by the typical homeowners. Some carpet fibers, for example, can take more moisture than others. Commercial-grade steam cleaners in general will get your carpet cleaner and with less residual harm to the carpet.

These cleaners will also be able to take care of the side work such as moving furniture, although some companies offer discounts if you take care of this yourself. And you may just want to enjoy the weekend, rather than spend it laboriously learning about and completing your own carpet cleaning. The average time for New York carpet cleaning is under four hours, much less than you could achieve on your own, no matter how simple the project appears in your mind.

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