Carpet cleaning is not as easy as you might think. A poor job or an inexperienced cleaner can ruin your carpet for good. To prevent this from happening, you need to either hire a professional carpet cleaning service or follow the tips below in order to maintain your carpets clean and freshness, just as they were at the beginning.
A rule of thumb for protecting your carpets is to use a doormat. This will reduce the amount of soil transferred from a hard surface onto your carpets. You should also ensure you do a proper cleaning of your doormat on a regular basis.
The wear and tear of your carpets is increased by the amount of soil as well dirt that is trampled into it. That is why, the best advice in carpet maintenance is vacuuming. You have to vacuum your carpets thoroughly and regularly in order to ensure the dirt doesn’t have time to get into the fibers, therefore damaging the carpeting.
If the vacuuming process has been delayed for too long, probably your vacuum cleaner will no longer be able to ensure a proper job. Make sure you hire a carpet cleaning contractor that can provide steam or deep cleaning services. Specialists say that, in order to maintain a long life for your carpet, professional cleaning services should be acquired at least every 15 months.
A steam cleaning, or hot water extraction as they call it, is the process where a solution of water and detergent is sprayed onto the carpet and then sucked out by a powerful vacuum. This method is one of the best carpet cleaning options, as it doesn’t damage the fibers. The machine will recover the water and soil from the carpet, leaving it clean and fresh.
If you decide to not use a carpet cleaning service but do the cleaning yourself, make sure you don’t get the carpet too wet. Use detergents which are chemically active and safe enough that don’t require a great amount of water. Allowing your carpets to become too wet will not only cause problems like shrinking, loose of adhesiveness or discoloration. Keep in mind, before you start water cleaning, that the carpet is swept or vacuumed. This will make the pile stand up, loosening the dirt.
Another issue with carpets is that they receive dents and depressions from heavy furniture. The best way to avoid this is by changing the furniture’s position from time to time. If your carpet already has dents then you need brush it up with a grooming tool, after that you need to use an iron to steam the area, this will therefore turf up the dent.
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