Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Lake Forest CA

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Overview
Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning is available and ready to help create a specialty commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance program for various property types such as:
• Offices
• Medical Facilities
• Waiting areas
• Hotels • Daycare centers
Our Commercial Cleaning Process
During an initial visit a technician will:
• Identify problem areas and customer’s questions
• Determine the best cleaning method for the facility
o Hot water extraction, encapsulation, spot cleaning, etc…
• Determine if a restorative cleaning is necessary
• Develop a preventative maintenance plan
• Implement the maintenance plan
Other Commercial Cleaning Services
• Upholstery Cleaning
o From a couple office chairs, to your entire movie theatre
• Tile and Grout Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning, Lake Forest CA

Your home is at the center of your life, the place you enjoy time with your family and friends. Children, as well as pets, spend a great amount of time on the floor, making carpet cleaning and maintenance vital. Carpet is one of the most important investments you can make in your home. Keeping it in top condition protects that investment.
Clean carpet in a commercial environment extends the life of the carpet by removing dirt that would wear it out from grinding foot traffic. Clean carpets projects a professional image.
Clean Trust Certified
Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning offers professional residential and commercial carpet cleaning as well as maintenance programs. All of our carpet cleaning technicians are Clean Trust certified, the leading certification of the cleaning and restoration industry. Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning follows a process that provides better results and higher quality. Being Clean Trust Certified means that our technicians will keep your carpet warranty in place, while other companies who don’t have technicians that are certified, could void the warranty.

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Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Lake Forest, CA
When did you last have your carpet and upholstery cleaned? If you can’t remember… it’s time. Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning in Lake Forest CA, provides residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Our Cleaning Services include:
-Carpet Cleaning
-Tile Cleaning
-Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Truck-Mounted System
Our truck-mounted carpet cleaning systems are guaranteed to get your carpets and upholstery as clean as possible. Our system is self-contained therefore we don’t use your electricity or hot water. It’s the most affordable and efficient way to clean.
Free Estimates
We offer free estimates on all of our services. You can relax knowing that our employees are fully insured, bonded, trained, and experienced. Our free estimates detail all of the services we provide including: cleaning, pre-spotting, disinfecting, and deodorizing, and moving all of the movable furniture.
Experience You Can Trust
With more than 30 years in the business, we have built a reputation for fair pricing and quality workmanship. We love our customers and take extra care when it comes to providing information about our services and the process involved.
We are always prompt and we pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction.


Lake Forest, Residential Carpet Cleaning

Your Los Angeles area home is your sanctuary but it can be hard to relax if your carpets, rugs, upholstery or Tile look less than clean. Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning can bring your home back to pristine condition at a price that will not break your budget. Whether you need a regular deep carpet cleaning or want to get rid of that ugly stain before you have an event at your place, we will be there to take care of it.
Area Rug Cleaning
We promise our Los Angeles area clients that we will use the gentlest methods to effectively bring your rug back to life. Every rug has its own design and style and we here at Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning have complete knowledge of how to effectively clean your rugs, whatever type they are.
Carpet Cleaning
Have the carpets of your home or apartment lost their previous softness and fullness? As careful as you may want to be with your carpets they will eventually need a deep cleaning to bring them back to their original splendor. Carpets trap not only visible stains like food in the fibers but also the dust, dirt and bacteria in your air.
Upholstery Cleaning

Do you ever find that you or your loved ones sneeze frequently in certain areas of your Los Angeles area home? This may be from dust and mildew hidden deep within your upholstery. One good cleaning from Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning will remove all the harmful particles from the fabric so that you and your family can breathe easy.

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Carpet Cleaning in Lake Forest CA

Ready to bid dust mites, engrained dirt, and stains goodbye? Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning the simple solution to immaculate flooring that stands the test of time. We also offer upholstery cleaning, Tile Cleaning and a variety of other services that will revitalize any home or office. Call today to request a quote and schedule an appointment.
The Trusted Carpet Cleaners
We go above and beyond to provide the best carpet cleaning in the area. Our experts bring over 28 years of cumulative experience to the table. Additionally, we use family-friendly cleaning products and have state-of-the-art equipment, including a truck-mounted unit that provides one of the deepest cleans and fastest dry times in the industry.
Below are just a few of the things we do while cleaning:
• Extract dirt and dust
• Remove stains — including red stains, pet stains, and more
• Deodorize pet odors
• Kill dust mites and remove allergens that can cause asthma and allergy problems
• Preserve the carpet by combating the effects of wear and tear
As a locally owned and operated business, we already have a legacy of trust in Orange County CA. Ready to experience the difference? Call Today!


Welcome to Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Lake Forest

Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning is located in Orange County, CA and has been serving the Los Angeles area since 1989.
We are a full service residential and commercial carpet, upholstery and Tile cleaning company dedicated to setting a new standard for quality cleaning and quality service.
We believe that success follows from treating customer’s right. That’s why we pledge to act honestly and with integrity in all our business dealings. As part of that commitment, we strive to finish every job on time, within budget, and to your complete satisfaction, so you can rest assured that you’re getting top-quality work at a top value with Pacific Carpet Cleaning!
While our forté is residential carpet and upholstery cleaning, we also service hundreds of apartment communities and have many large commercial accounts throughout the Los Angeles area.


Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Lake Forest CA

We all want our homes to be an extension of our personality and family image. We take care in crafting that image with colors, landscaping and flooring that reflects our taste and personal preference. All aspects of your home are infused with the touches that make it special to you and your family. We at Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning are determined to take better care of your home than you can. Our technicians are trained and certified, undergo continuous additional education and know the most up to date methods to take the utmost care of your flooring investment. Be it the carpet that was installed when you bought your home, 1500 square feet of plush Berber or 5000 square feet of Travertine- your Pacific technician was handpicked for your surface and situation and you can rest assured we are going to make it look amazing! but be it your home, an investment property or a client’s new house or rental, do you really want to entrust the longevity of the expensive flooring surfaces to improper machinery, untrained technicians and bargain basement chemical solutions? Make the informed choice, give us a call for your free, no obligation quote and allow us to show you the meaning of REAL CLEAN. REAL VALUE.

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the modern office interior (3D rendering)

the modern office interior (3D rendering)

Whether your carpet cleaning needs are residential or commercial carpet cleaning, we offer you the finest service available in Los Angeles in Orange County CA.
We are very careful who we send into your residence or business. Our technicians do not smoke and are extremely conscientious and respectful of your possessions.
We use no harsh brushes or abrasive chemicals. Your carpets are cleaned and freshened, yet they remain soft; the texture is restored; and the colors are brightened.
Problems such as pet odors and spots, heavy traffic lane soil, and shampoo or powdery residue from previous cleanings can all be treated with our uniquely formulated cleaning agents.
To have your carpets cleaned safely, thoroughly, promptly, and reliably, call us today.
Here at Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning we offer carpet cleaning services for residential homes as well as commercial carpet cleaning. All carpets are vacuumed and each rooms is pre-sprayed one at a time as they are cleaned. We move most furniture at no additional cost to our customers so whether your carpet cleaning needs are residential or commercial, we offer you the finest service available.

Here at Pacific we love making our customers feel like there are only customer giving each job all the attention it may need! We strive for excellence and enjoy what we do and we do it right for your carpet cleaning or commercial carpet cleaning needs including oriental rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Lake Forest CA

If you are a Commercial Property Manager or Restaurant Owner frustrated with your current carpet cleaning results, you owe it to yourself to give us a call. We specialize in restoring heavily soiled carpeting, that might be marked for replacement.
We have specialized equipment for quick drying.
We also will handle your Water Extraction needs. We are licensed and insured.
Give us a call today to set up your FREE Bid. Let us Save that entire unit that was marked for replacement.

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Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning uses only the most modern truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment. No heavy equipment is brought inside, only the cleaning wand and a trained professional enter your residence or place of business. Our
Using truck mount equipment allows for deeper cleaning and faster dry times. Because of the strength of our equipment, over 95% of the water used in the cleaning will be extracted from the carpet. When finished, your carpet will be damp to the touch and should dry in only a few hours.

Pacific’s Cleaners provides premium cleaning for all of our customers. All carpet is preconditioned and spotted as necessary. Pacific also moves most residential furniture.

The greatest benefit Pacific offers is a superior carpet cleaning that looks great and lasts much longer than cleaning from companies using other methods and equipment

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