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Ceramic Tile Flooring Care and Maintenance – Orange County CACeramic Tile Flooring Care and UpkeepGrout Care1. Grout may be the mortar type material applied to fill the spaces amongst the individual tiles, or stone. It is purpose isjust to fill the joint in between the tiles and become a permanent, integral element from the floor.two. Neither sealing the grout nor utilizing a 100% Epoxy Grout will assure against surface create up or discolorationof the grout.three. Grout requirements to become cleaned on a periodic basisto get rid of any surface residue make up.4. This routine cleaning is often performed using a neutralPH balanced daily-use household or industrial cleanerbased on the application.five. When heavy-duty grout cleaning is required, you could use an expert strength tile and grout cleaner that may becapable of removing grease, soap scum, physique oil, mildewstains algae, and synthetic or acrylic waxes from thegrout joints.Post Grouting Installation Clean-Up1. Grout haze is actually a film left behind around the surface in the tileas component on the final grouting process; it is normally buffedoff the surface after the grout has achieved its initial 12to 24 hour cure, with all the use of a cheese cloth material.If soon after 48 hrs a grout haze still exists, then use a “grouthaze remover” which normallyincludes Sulfamic Acid.Sulfamic acid cleaners ought to ONLY beutilized on Ceramic and/or Porcelain tiles.Significant NOTE:Neveruse Acids on all-natural stone tiles; this could cause permanent etching. Instead use a Organic Stone Cleanerplus a cheese cloth for grout haze removal.two. In cases where you might have used Epoxy Grouts , you could require to work with an “Epoxy Haze Remover”. Thesecleaners are formulated to immediately and safely eliminate Epoxygrout haze, devoid of damaging the grout or the tileface of the newly installed ceramic floor.Routine Upkeep1.You must permit your new ceramic tile and grout to dry for a minimum of 72 hours right after installation, prior to anyform of maintenance occurs.2.Cleaning your new floor using a damp mop after per weekwould be the finest thing it is possible to do to retain yourceramic floor.three.A uncomplicated sweeping or vacuuming of one’s tile floorbefore mopping will take away any dust or debris.four.Make certain that any cleanser you have selected is compatible with grout cleaning, (neutral pH), and can notstain the grout. We recommend Shaw’sR2X Really hard Surface Cleaner.five.Heavy website traffic regions ought to be mopped additional typically than as soon as per week.6.Never ever use a detergent or soap since it could dull the surface.7.When cleaning, the whole region needs to be cleaned or scrubbed with all the cleansing resolution, by means of the useof a cotton mop, cloth, sponge, or non-metallic brush.eight.The entire flooring region should then be rinsed with clean water to take away any cleaning option residue.9.Cleaning unglazed tiles ought to be accomplished on acommon basis employing cleansers which have a neutral pH for securetypical use; these cleaners are better suited at removing grease, oils, and normal spills from unglazedproducts.ten.Recall: Routine cleaners should reallyin no way include acids, vinegar, chlorines or ammonia as thesechemicals can harm and discolor the grout or the surface with the stone or tile.11.Generally completely rinse the flooring surface following cleaning, using clean clear water, to avoid any periodicresidue construct up or mold and mildew growth.Guarding Your Ceramic Floor1. Shield you ceramic tile by affixing felt or comparable padsfor the legs of any metal, iron, wood or plastic furniturethat could scratch and dull the surface.2. Exterior metal furnishings which rests on tile floors or patios may rust and bring about staining.three. Superior excellent entry mats will support shield your ceramictile from put on by collecting dirt, sand, grit and othersubstances including oil, asphalt, ordriveway sealer that may otherwise be tracked onto your floor.4. You may also location these mats at heavy pivot places like in front on the kitchen sink or stove.

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