Commercial Floor Cleaning Services – Orange County CA

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services – Orange County CA

Helps Keep Your Property Looking Light and Bright

commercial floor cleaningCommercial floor cleaning is one of the most important maintenance tasks you can do for your commercial property. There is nothing more inviting to customers than a fresh, clean, and bright floor. The IICRC trained technicians at Pacific Carpet Cleaners and Restoration have the knowledge and experience to clean your commercial property’s floors, leaving you with a light and bright floor that is inviting to all.

Commercial Floor Cleaning – The Right Program for You

While there is no hard and fast rule on how often your commercial floors should be cleaned, you certainly shouldn’t wait until they look like they need cleaning. You need to keep in mind that commercial flooring receives a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis. So, the more often you have commercial floor cleaning done, the better off you will be.We realize that every business is on a budget. That’s why we offer a wide range of commercial floor cleaning services, including:• Deep cleaning• Buffing• Polishing• WaxingWe work with every commercial business individually to ensure they are getting what they want at a price they can live with. No matter how often you want us to come out, or how much work you want us to do, we will work with you to find the perfect program for your commercial floor cleaning needs.

Never Any Surprises

commercial floor cleaningAt Pacific Carpet Cleaners and Restoration, we are dedicated to serving our customers with excellence. We don’t believe in giving them unwelcomed surprises. This is why we do a complete evaluation of your commercial floor cleaning needs before we give you a price. Once we see what we are up against, we can determine what equipment will be needed and how long the job should take. We offer advice on how frequently you should be getting your commercial floors cleaned. Finally, we leave you with a free and accurate estimate so you know exactly what to expect with every job we do. This means the only surprise you’ll get is in how great your commercial floors will look when we’re done.





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