Commercial Tile Cleaning Orange County CA

Commercial Tile Cleaning Orange County CA
First Class Green Cleaning also provides commercial tile cleaning in Orange County commercial buildings using only green products.

Ordinary floor cleaning,  techniques, such as sweeping and mopping, are not strong enough to penetrate the stubborn dirt that resides within the openings of tile and grout floors. High pressure cleaning is the best method used to solve this problem. With the help of a high pressure truck mount system and advanced biodegradable products,  Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning can  remove this soil returning the tile to its original state.

It is important to disinfect and seal tile and grout floors  regularly for the optimal health of adults and children in the facility (customers and employees alike). The substances that are breathed in have a direct influence on immediate health, as consuming hazardous bacteria has all kinds of negative effects. Sanitizing  with our green products will destroy the bacteria without leaving any harmful residue for your customers or employees. In addition to thorough mopping, these procedures are useful aides that promote good health in the indoor environment of your facility.

The grout is thin material that outlines floor and wall tiles. Tiled floors are appealing items in any house or office but through everyday usage they begin to look filthy and discolored. In time, as the dirt and debris builds up, the floor can look uneven and unappealing.

Tiles must be reviewed and cleaned regularly so as to avoid expensive repairs down the road. A First Class maintenance program provides other advantages like safe material disposal and sealing that prevents further staining. Additionally, our qualified technicians are able to decrease the irritation risks of people with allergens and respiratory issues present in the facility.


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