Do you REALLY need those carpet cleaning extras? Orange County CA

Do you REALLY need those carpet cleaning extras? in Orange County CA

When you pay a professional to clean your carpet, you probably expect him or her to remove any stains and pet odors that inspired the call for help.

Then come the dreaded words, “That’s extra.”

It may sound like the technician is trying to upsell you, but it’s customary for a carpet cleaning company to recommend sanitizing carpets when technicians smell heavy odors; or they might suggest a special spot remover for stubborn stains, says Hugh Lobban, owner of highly rated Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning in Orange County, California.

“It takes a long time to get [powdered juice stains] out because they are dye-based,” Lobban says. He adds that removing urine odor is just as difficult. “I have to use an enzyme [solution] to kill that live bacteria that is causing the odor.”

Member Isabelle Bauvir of Springfield, Virginia, says she paid Lobban’s company $185 to clean carpet in her living room, basement and 27 steps. She says adding the $3 per step and a fee to remove grease stains from the carpet in her family room was worth it. “The old stains have disappeared,” she says. “Previous carpet cleaners could not remove them.”

If the stains and odors bother you, it makes sense to invest in certain upgraded services to make your carpet look and smell clean. However, don’t wait until the technician arrives at your home to learn your options, says Mark Wils, vice president of operations for highly rated Quality Carpet Cleaning in Los Angeles. He recommends telling the technician before you schedule the appointment how many rooms you want cleaned and what you want accomplished in each. You should also ask about fees for services not included in the cleaning you requested; and if the technician will move furniture or require you do so for a more accurate estimate.

Regardless if the company charges per room or by square footage to clean your carpet, expect reputable technicians to first vacuum the area they will clean, then pre-treat it with a solution to dissolve grease, Wils says. Angie’s List members who had similar jobs done in 2013 reported paying an average of about $46 per room, not including services in which providers offered discounts exclusive to Angie’s List members. Average rates for carpets cleaned by the size instead of the room ranged between 30 and 50 cents per square foot.

Carpet cleaning guide for extra services

Use the following guide to help you decide if you need to upgrade your service the next time you get your carpet cleaned.

Staircases: They handle a lot of foot traffic, but are not included in a standard cleaning. Because you’re likely to notice the dirt when you go up or down them, you might want to spring for this upgrade. Fees average about $3 per step or $45 for a staircase that has up to 16 steps, based on the 2013 Angie’s List data.

Stain removal: These services target grease and residual soap buildup left behind from spot-cleaning products and home carpet cleaners that attract dirt. Prices start around $25, but can be significantly higher depending on the type and size of the stain.

Carpet sanitizing: This helps remove bacteria and allergens that can make you sick. Prices start around $25 per room..

Carpet deodorizing: Minimizes odors, but may not remove the cause of the smell. Prices start at about $20 per room.

Stain repellent: It helps the carpet resist soil from dried dirt, water and some oil-based spills by covering the carpet’s fibers in a liquid coating. The protection gives you more time to clean up spills before they soak in. Prices average about $35 per room or $40 for up to 150 square feet.

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