Granite Countertops Cleaning & Polishing – Orange County CA


Although it appears to be an almost indestructible surface, granite countertops are porous and can be stained by acidic liquids. Therefore, proper cleaning and sealing of your granite countertops will lead to a longer lasting beauty in your kitchen or bathrooms. Gold Standard Floor Care restores your granite countertops by removing stains and applying a sealer that will provide long-lasting beauty and protection. Each granite countertop project will have variables that differ. For this reason, we will require an on-site visit to determine the specifics that are applicable to your needs.

Our Granite Countertop Restoration Service includes: Newport Bech CA

  • Thorough pre-inspection of your granite countertop.
  • Protect appliances, walls, and floors with a plastic barrier.
  • Application of specially formulated cleaner to remove soil and stains.
  • Application of a penetrating sealer to protect your granite.
  • Buff the surface to restore a brilliant shine.
  • Complete a final walk-through to ensure that we have met your expectations.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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