Grout Cleaning and Tile Restoration in Orange County CA

Grout Cleaning and Tile Restoration in Orange County CA

Grout Cleaning and Tile Restoration in Orange County

Ceramic flooring can be found almost everywhere, kitchens, entranceways, bathrooms etc. and almost always have similar grout cleaning and tile restoration problems.

Commercial Steam Tile and Grout Cleaners

Pacific’s extrensive line of the word’s best commercial steam cleaners, featuring the extremely portable Hill Inox and super powerful Hill Injection dry vapor steam cleaners are remarkably efficient for grout cleaning. The Steam cleaner’s 5% humidity and temperatures of up to 192ºC exiting through the lance (steam jet) allow for an extraordinarily quick and efficient grout cleaning and tile restoration process. Grout and deep pored tile cleaning are nearly impossible with a mop or traditional floor scrubber, and this is where the Tecnovap commercial steam cleaners excel, instantly removing decades of dirt and grime, leaving you with a grout and tile that look as good as the day they were laid. Chemical free operation means that you never have to worry about damaging or discolouring the grout or tiles.For extremely dirty grout the simple addition of a rigid Nylon, or Brass detail brush can be implemented to expedite the cleaning process. The steam exits through a small powerful jet inside the brush allowing for the heat of the steam to open the pores of the grout and blow the dirt away, the heavy duty brushes help in the grout cleaning process by brushing away the loosened dirt. Save thousands of dollars by doing the work yourself instead an hiring an expensive cleaning company to come in and do the same work with subpar equipment, or better yet start your own grout and tile cleaning business!

imageNot only will it work on light and medium traffic areas but also the highest traffic paths removing the

The importance of clean floors

The floor tool that is comes included with all Pacific commercial steam cleaners is an essential tool for tile cleaning. This tool features the most durable and heavy duty bristles of any floor tool on the market with high quality clips for attaching your favorite microfiber cloth. The most efficient method for completely restoring a heavily dirtied tile floor with dirty grout is to pass the lance (steam jet) to clean the grout and afterwards pass the floor tool. The best way to pass the floor tool is with a cloth attached to the front two clips of the steam cleaning floor tool allowing for the bristles to still be exposed when the cloth is flipped up and also allowing for the cloth to soak up the dirty and excess water when flipped down. The other method is to pass with the bristles only and then attach the cloth to the floor tool and steam/mop the surface. This steam tile and grout cleaning process can be accomplished without the use of any chemicals, making this the only grout cleaning and tiling cleaning method that is 100% ecological.

Pacific’s Multiplo Tile and Grout Cleaning

The Multiplo series is the only equipment on the market today that can completely restore ceramics quickly and efficiently while cleaning low points performing the grout cleaning. Due to the powerful dual counter rotating brushes the Multiplo excels on all surfaces scrubbing and cleaning in half the time of any other product out there! Engineered specifically for uneven surfaces, nonslip flooring, stamped concretes, safety floors, ceramics with wide grout (such as commercial kitchen floorign) and many more of the hardest to clean floors easily restoring them to new. Not only will it work on light and medium traffic areas but also the highest traffic paths removing the “permanent” coat of dingy dirt from the tile and cleaning the grout at the same time. The Multiplo can also be equipment with different brushes allowing for a more abrasive brush action for cement or heavy duty degreasing. There are also brushes for more delicate surfaces, allowing the full range of surfaces to be cleaned safely. The Multiplo is also designed to maintain previously cleaned grout, by collecting the dirt from the brushes into the central tank, the dirt is successfully removed completely from the floor and grout leaving grout cleaned much longer.


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