Inexpensive Carpet Cleansing in Orange County, CA


Inexpensive Carpet Cleansing in Orange County, CAPacific Carpet Cleansing has long been conserving Orange County front & Los Angeles Homeowners and Renters $$$ on professional carpet cleaning Since 1987. We are dedicated to providing high quality affordable carpet cleaning at a low price by eliminating unnecessary costs associated with professional carpet cleaning.Much of the cost associated with professional carpet cleansing are the basic things that must be done before the actual carpet cleaning can begin. For example: Pre-Vacuuming & Furniture Moving.Just these two items can be very time consuming for the carpet cleaning technician and the actual price for carpet cleansing will reflect the extra work that is involved. Not only do you save money by doing this extra work yourself, but the actual time it takes to do the carpet cleaning job continues to be drastically reduced.That is how we can pass the savings on to the consumer. There is no secret to low price carpet cleansing(Time=Money).Our powerful truck mounted carpet steam cleansing machines provide the extra deep cleaning power neccesary to remove ground in soil and extract difficult spots and stains from your carpet fibers while reviving carpet color and softness.Here’s your chance to clean up those reappearing spots, pet stains, odors and dust mites that have been hiding in your carpet for way too long!You can save money on professional carpet cleaning by picking up the phone and calling us right now at (949) 545-5205 or you can request a free estimate.

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