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Orange County Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

Lake Forest Commerical Carpet Cleaning

Heavy and constant foot-traffic in your commercial space can leave carpeting worn and distressed. To avoid unsightly track marks and residue dragged in from the outdoors, regular carpet cleaning by a Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning professional will help your business maintain the professional attributes it is known for.
Our high-temperature, truck-powered steam extraction method, coupled with a strong cleaning agent that dissolves soils, removes stubborn spills, soiled spots and other residue quickly and efficiently, goes unmatched by conventional carpet cleaning units.
In order to give your business the fullest carpet cleaning experience, we take a hands-on approach to all edges and hard to reach corners, promising the most thorough and deep cleaning possible for your commercial space. With extremely fast dry times, your commercial building will be back to new in no time.
We are committed to hiring the best professionals possible, which is why all Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning employees are screened with complete background checks. We take great care when working in your commercial space, and it shows in the quality of the finished product. If you are in need of carpet cleaning services, contact Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning today!, Los Angeles, CA Consumer Choice!
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Include:
 High-Temperature, truck-powered cleaning system
 Effective Cleaning Agent
 Reduced Pollutants, Bacteria, Molds and Dust Mites
 Faster Dry Times
 Increased Life of Carpeting

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