So you just had your carpets cleaned. They certainly needed it and the technician did a great job, but now he’s telling you that you can’t go into any of the rooms he cleaned until the carpet dries. How long will that take?

You’ve got the dog chained outside, the cat’s been locked into a bathroom and she’s starting to express her displeasure loudly. Meanwhile, the kids are on their third time through their video in the breakfast room and you’ve got company coming this evening.

The answer to this question depends on who you call to do the work. With a “clean and go” service, you’re at the mercy of the weather. Sure, the carpets will dry pretty quick if it’s hot and sunny outside, but that will require you opening all the doors and windows.

If it’s rainy outside, your carpets will dry some time after it stops raining. Even then, there’s that squishy, sticky feeling that doesn’t go away for a few hours further.

On the other hand, some companies bring fans instead of relying on natural evaporation. These fans aren’t your typical box fans that you break out on a hot day, but are much more powerful and are custom made to dry your carpets.

The proper equipment for drying carpets is fans that are used by companies that clean up after flooding. Floor fans are the quickest and most efficient way to dry your carpets. They move large volumes of air just above the surface of the carpet, evaporating the moisture more quickly.

Two fans can dry your carpet in as little as 20 minutes. With one floor being dried while the next room is being cleaned, you can be back on your wonderfully clean and dry carpet within minutes instead of hours.


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