Love Our Pets, Hate the Mess, Orange County, CA

Love Our Pets, Hate the Mess, Orange County, CA

At-home urine removal for cats & dogs.

We all love our pets, but they tend to be pretty messy at times. It happens to all pet owners. Whether they are an adorable new puppy, nervous, untrained, or just have bad manners, pets will usually find a way to stain your carpets. Below, we have provided some simple solutions for removing pet urine. And don’t forget to call Evergreen for an estimate for regular deep cleans.


Use vinegar to kill bacteria associated with cat urine. Cats hate the smell of vinegar. If your cat has an area of the house that he or she particularly likes to urinate in, spray a small amount of vinegar on the affected area.  The vinegar not only disinfects the carpet, but also deters the cat from urinating there again.  Not to worry, the smell of vinegar will soon fade.


Try to soak up the urine with a dry paper towel as soon as you can.  Blot the stain with a damp paper towel once the urine has been soaked up. Baking soda is the most effective way to remove dog odors and can be applied to most upholstery. Use a cleaning brush to spread the baking soda around the fabric and allow the baking soda to sit over night so it can properly absorb the odor.

Most importantly, the tips we provided above are completely safe to use around our pets. If you choose to use perfumes to help neutralize the smell, always make sure that the spray is non-toxic to animals. Many products that may be safe for humans are not safe for our pets. Always check to make sure your scented candles, sprays and plug-ins are pet safe.

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