Marble Cleaning in Orange County CA

Marble Cleaning in Orange County CA

Marble cleaning is something you’re going to need if you have a home in Orange County.  Because marble is luxury, and Orange County has a lot of that.

Marble Cleaning Companies in Orange County

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On the scheme of things, Orange County is not that old.  In fact, it is just little more than a century old.  However, in its century of existence, various words have been used to describe Orange County such as: opulent, exclusive, elegant, luxurious, and more.  Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks had a home there back in the silent era, just as  Jennifer Aniston and Charlie Sheen do today.  A gorgeous Italian style villa, however needs a lot of work.  Landscapers need to come in to take care of the lush foliage.  A pool company needs to come in to take care of the mosaic swimming pool.  Servants and staff need to clean the house, and then above all, marble cleaning companies come in to bring the floor back to a mirror like shine.

Surprisingly, even with elegant marble, there are a lot of marble cleaning products out there that are just no good.    Some are supposedly universal cleaners.  but if you check the ingredient list carefully, you’ll see something sobering.  Some of them contain citric acid, in short, lemon juice.  Marble is a beautiful fossilized limestone, but if you put anything acidic on it like vinegar, coffee, wine, or in this case lemon juice, guess what?  You’re going to have pits and holes in your marble.

Marble Cleaning Services and Why You Should Be Picky

Even among marble cleaning services, we’ve seen a lot of misinformation.  We’ve had people call us in that have gone with another service, and they’ve had horror stories.  One of our competitors for example placed a thick wax coating on top of the marble.  The homeowner was delighted at the shine she got, until she tried to walk on it.  She slipped and nearly injured herself.  Marble can be slick enough on it’s own, and with wax, it can reach a dangerous level.  She still tried to enjoy the cleaning job, but then she noticed her floor getting dirty and dingy looking.  Another reason why was the wax was inferior grade and was trapping dirt.  Well, we cleaned it up and she loved the result.  We can’t tell you who she was, however, let’s just say if you’ve been to the movies, you’ve seen her.

So whether you’re a movie star, or a superstar, if you have a home in Orange County, take care of it.  Some of those homes after all are gems.  And if you want your marble to shine like a diamond, then:

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