Marble Floor Cleaning, Orange County, CA

Marble Floor Cleaning, Orange County, CA


Marble flooring is often a wonderful statement piece in a industrial space. Nevertheless, this organic stone wants a great deal of care and maintenance to help keep its beauty, especially in high-traffic areas. In contrast to other flooring, it can be usually exposed towards the components, which can accelerate the put on and tear.

Cleaning and polishing of marble flooring really should be left to knowledgeable commercial flooring cleaners, like Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Orange County We’ve the correct skills and tools to clean and keep this soft stone to ensure that it keeps its shine for an extended period.

Amongst qualified cleanings and polishes by Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Orange County, listed below are some strategies to keep marble from receiving stained or scratched although keeping it:

Clean Spills Rapidly

Because marble is often a soft stone, it’s very easily and rapidly stained by liquids or other substances. If something is spilled around the flooring, clean it up promptly by blotting not wiping. Acidic substances for example coffee, soda, and wine could be specifically damaging to marble flooring.


To help keep dust at bay, use a clean, dry and non-treated dust mop to clean the floors. Stay away from vacuuming if possible. The dirt and debris jammed inside the wheels could scratch the surface on the flooring.

Use Entry Mats

Footwear can carry many dirt and also other attainable flooring irritants. By using entry mats both inside and outside, the volume of debris becoming tracked onto the marble flooring can be lowered. Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Orange County presents both interior and exterior entry mat rentals in numerous colors and styles.

Recall to never ever use cleaning items with acids, alkalis, and chemicals on marble flooring. To maintain marble flooring shining together with stain and scratch-free, call Pacific Carpet and Tile Cleaning, Orange County. to set up a cleaning schedule that performs with both the spending budget and constructing hours.


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