Mexican, Terracotta & Saltillo Stripping ~ Cleaning ~ Refinishing Orange County, CA  

Mexican, Terracotta & Saltillo

Stripping ~ Cleaning ~ Refinishing Orange County, CA

Masked Behind Years of Soil… and Layers of Wax,
Lays a Floor with Unbelievable Character and Beauty


French Terracotta Before


French Terracotta After
You may have tried to clean this type of floor on your own, quickly realizing that it needs a professional’s touch to come out the way you would like it to.More often than not, you resort to a coat of wax to hold you over, until you find someone…You Just Found Them!

“Buttered Leather”

Are the words to use when describing a Mexican, Terracotta or Saltillo floor restored and refinished by Pacific Tile Cleaning Specialists.Pacific’s ability to resurrect Mexican or clay style floors has everything to do with our persistence in cleaning and preparing the floor before the final coating of new finish.The most important part of restoring this type of floor is the stripping and cleaning process. Complete removal of the layers of old wax is essential. Deeply impeded dirt is removed then thoroughly rinsed to neutralize the pH of the floor to prepare the surface for finishing.
Get the Cleanest Floor Possible… Here’s How


1) Specially designed wax and finish emulsifiers are spread over the floor, working in small areas.2) The old finish converts back to a liquid state with the use of these emulsifiers. Rotary scrubbing helps to speed the process and removal of wax build up.3) The grout lines receive special attention with hand brushing and scrubbing.


4) Rinsing, cleaning and vacuuming all take place at the same time using hot water and the right amount of pressure. This is done effectively and efficiently with no splashing or damaging effects to surrounding materials or walls.5) The floor is left to dry over night, the final finish is applied the next day.6) Sealer finish specifically designed for this type of floor is applied. Generally 2 coats, but a third can be applied if the client is looking for a shinier look.

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