Orange County CA – Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal Methods

Beer B,D
Iodine, Methiolate B,C,D
Catsup B,C,E
Milk B,C,D,E,A
Chewing Gum  A,B
Nail polish A,B,D,E
Chocolate  B,C,D,E
Paint, oil  A,B,C
Cocktails  B,D
Paint, water  B,C,A
Coffee  B,D,E,A
Perfume  B,D
Cosmetics  A,B,C
Rubber cement  A,B
Crayon  A,C
Shoe polish  A,B,C
Egg  B,C,E
Soft drinks  B,C,D
Food coloring  B,C
Soot  A,B,C
Fruit & juices  B,C,D,E
Syrup  B,C,D,E
Furniture polish  A,B
Tar and asphalt  A,B
Blood  B,C,E
Te a  B,D,E,A
Butter  A,B,D
Urin  B,C,D
Candle Wax  A,B,C
Vomit  B,C,D,E
Glue, school  B
Water stains  A,B,C,D
Grease  A,B,C,D
Wine  B,D,C
Ink  A,B,C
Method A – Apply a small amount of dry cleaning solvent (available at grocery, drug and
hardware stores). Use small amounts to prevent any possible damage to sizings, backings, or
stuffing materials. Do not use gasoline, light fluid or other flammables.
Method B – Mix one teaspoonful of white neutral detergent (a mild liquid dish washing detergent
containing no strong alkalies or bleaches) with a cup of lukewarm water.
Method C – Mix one tablespoon of household ammonia with a half-cup of water.
Method D – Mix one-third cup of white household vinegar with two-thirds cup of water.
Method E – Mix a solution of powdered enzyme laundry detergent following label or box
directions. Allow the solution to remain on the stain for the length of time recommended by the
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