How Often Should You Clean Carpeting? Orange County CA


How Often Should You Clean Carpeting? Orange County CA

Carpeting is an excellent choice for many commercial applications. There is a tremendous variety of color, pattern and texture; it can retain warmth and save energy in colder seasons; and carpeting helps create a quieter environment, which can be important in open or shared spaces. At the same time, regular cleaning is necessary to protect against premature wear. If you wait until your carpeting looks dirty, it’s probably filthy. Worse yet, carpeting that isn’t cleaned regularly can become a breeding ground for bio-pollutants. That’s because carpeting behaves like the largest air filter in your building, collecting soil, bacteria, pollens, chemicals and other contaminants. Regular, professional cleaning is important not only to protect your investment in floor coverings, but for the wellbeing of employees too.

Did You Know?

The average lifespan of commercial carpeting is seven to eight years, though it often begins to look old and worn after just a few years. All manufacturers recommend regularly scheduled maintenance to keep it looking good and significantly extend its useful lifetime. In fact, with proper maintenance the lifetime of carpeting can often be doubled. Not all cleaning services are the same, though.

The Science of Clean

Knowledge is power. It’s also cleaner carpeting. That’s why we start with an evaluation of the existing conditions to understand the fiber type, pile configuration, and the traffic and wear patterns to help determine the proper method of cleaning. Getting the best results is made more challenging because each carpet and each environment is different. The same cleaning process does not work for every situation. To understand these differences requires a practiced eye and methodical approach.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning is Not the Same as Residential in Orange County CA

Commercial floor coverings are not the same as those used in a residential environment. Pile density, yarn size, construction and other factors vary between commercial and residential carpeting. The methods used to clean residential carpeting are rarely up to the task in a commercial setting. NBS only does commercial cleaning.

Five Reasons Why Clean Carpeting is Important

  • Maintain employee health and productivity
  • Promote positive employee engagement
  • Reinforce quality image and professionalism
  • Make a favorable impression on visitors
  • Extend the life of a significant cost in office furnishings

If it’s been more than a few months since your carpet was cleaned, it’s probably time. Pacific Commercial Carpet Cleaning Solutions can help you create a healthier, better-looking workplace.

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